Will Prodigal Son Season 3 Be Renewed By Fox? Latest Updates

Fox canceled the procedural drama series Prodigal Son Season 3 months ago, but the show’s fans aren’t giving up hope for a 3rd season. Almost 55k people have signed the #SaveProdigalSon petition, and the show’s makers Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver are fully behind it.

So, after all of our great labor, will the third season return?


The two-season run of Fox’s crime thriller Prodigal Son is not accessible on Hulu. Instead, HBO Max will be the only place where fans of the series can view all 33 episodes that were created over the course of two years. However, despite positive reviews and a large following, the series was abruptly axed in May.

Even though it was canceled, the pattern that began as a craze has persisted. Despite the fact that the plot looks convoluted and sinister on paper, it comes to life on screen thanks to some excellent performances. Season 2 was eventually released on January 12th, 2021, following a postponement in filming and post-production caused by the ongoing epidemic.

Fox canceled Prodigal Son Season 3 in May due to low ratings, although the move was widely condemned by viewers. Because the season 2 finale had not been broadcast when the choice was taken, several people viewed it as a rushed one.

Since the season 2 finale concluded on such suspense and all those unanswered questions were not closed, it isn’t unexpected that the audience wants to see Prodigal Son Season 3.

Nevertheless, we’re hopeful for a reversal and that Prodigal Son is taken by a streaming site like Netflix. The creators said they’ve been in touch with various channels and are thinking about releasing the following season via OTT and streaming services. They appear to also have a pitch all set and waiting to go. We’d like to know what happens next in the tale so we don’t have to rely on our imaginations.

Prodigal Son has already had 2 seasons, and we’re crossing our fingers for a third. The first season had 20 episodes, with a total of 13 episodes in season 2.

Prodigal Son: Cast

As Malcolm Bright, Tom Payne portrayed a veteran FBI profiler now serving for the New York Police Department and battling the same psychopathic inclinations as his dad, serial killer Martin Whitly. Lou Diamond Phillips portrayed NYPD Lt. Gil Arroyo, and Halston Sage portrayed Malcolm’s sister Ainsley. Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts, Keiko Agena, and Bellamy Young completed the ensemble as supporting characters.

Prodigal Son Season 3: Expected Plot 

Before the program was terminated, Sklaver and Fedak had offered their ‘huge’ Prodigal Son Season 3 concepts to Fox, according to Sklaver. In his words, “Bright becoming his own man” served as the season’s main theme. “The Dani-Bright chemistry was crucial, as was finding Martin a new ‘venue’ to perform in.

Bright striking Martin, in the end, didn’t make things any better. Even though Bright and Dani shared a passionate kiss, but they’re not likely to be eligible to move on from that. Gil and Jessica seem to be doing OK. There are so many options once this season concludes, and that’s what makes it so thrilling for us.


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