Will Owen Wilson Return As Lightning McQueen In Cars On The Road Disney+ Series?

Amongst the numerous announcements that were made by Disney+ on Disney+ Day, a ray of happiness could be seen for Pixar fans as the official page gave an interesting yet satisfactory update on the upcoming Cars On The Road series. Pixar on Disney Inventors Day in December 2020 revealed their upcoming project which would star the fan’s most loved characters Lightning McQueen and Mater in a series.

Are the Original Voices Returning?

however, on the Disney+ Day, the production finally took to their virtual handles to announce that OWEN WILSON and LARRY THE CABLE GUY will be returning for the voice-over of Lighting McQueen and Mater respectively, thereby quenching a year old curiosity of the fans by giving them what they actually wanted to hear. Both Owen Wilson and Larry, the cable guy are known for the voice behind these characters in the previous Cars movies. The Mousehouse made this revelation as a part of the virtual Disney+ Day that took place this year on 12 November.

Pixar Cars is a famous owned franchise that was first created in 2006 by John Lasseter. Its popularity led to the creation of 2011 and 2017 movie sequels. After gaining a huge fan base, the makers decided to work on a series based on the same characters. The initial announcement back in December 2020 just dropped a hint of the same. However this year the production decided to step up and reveal the title along with the details about the voiceovers of the most loved characters. The series will be hitting the screens under the Title “CARS ON THE ROAD” somewhere around next year. The work is still in progress and the makers also made sure to give details without sharing much. The series will not be in continuation of any other previous parts as the story will build upon the adventures of the animated race car Lightning McQueen accompanied by its other vehicle friend as they continue to travel various parts of the country and learn the true meaning of what life is. The series as per the details is said to mark its first-ever turn in the Cars format and will have the most amazing format among the other Cars movies to date. Ever since the great announcement made in 2020, the fans were delighted to hear more about the storyline but among all the details, they were most curious about the voice behind the characters.

Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy to return as Lightning McQueen and Mater in the series

All this was put to an end when the makers took to the official Twitter and Instagram handles of Disney+ on Disney+ Day to confirm that the original voices of the two characters will be retained in the series by Owen Wilson and Larry, the cable guy. The fans went crazy after the announcement and were extremely contented to hear that the makers decided to retain the originality when it comes to voiceovers. Many of them shared their happiness after the revelation by commenting down on the posts and explaining how they and their children can’t wait for its release.


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