Why Was Loki Season 2 Not Among The Shows Announced On Disney+ Day?

While Marvel has announced lots of series that will be coming in the near 6 months from now on. Fans were left disappointed when there no Loki Season 2 was not mentioned and that led to us wondering why it was not there. so here is a complete guide for you to follow and get to know why it was not there.

First Lets See all the series that Marvel will release.

X-MEN ‘97 Animated Series Announced

First Look at Moon Knight

First Look at She-Hulk

First Look at Ms Marvel

What If…? Season 2 Announced

Echo Series Starring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez Announced

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Announced

New Look at I Am Groot

New Look at Ironheart

Kathryn Hahn Returns for Agatha: House of Harkness

Animated Marvel Zombies Announced

New Look at Secret Invasion

What About Loki Season 2?

Now Marvel follows a protocol in which it releases all its series and movies in a planned and sequence way where you can see that all have been released like this only. Marvel doesn’t do like season 1 in one year and season 2 in another year. If everything goes as planned and doesn’t get delayed after all this we can expect marvel to announce some news on Loki series season 2.

So Far what we saw in Loki season 1 is that look is taken into TVA(time Variance Authority) where he joins hands to catch another Loki and while all this is happening Loki learns some details about his future and who this Loki is who is never captured. The story leads to them finding and chasing the person who created all this and they find him in the end. Sylvie who is an alternate version of Loki decides to kill that person and that results in Multiverse being disbalances and Finally, our original Loki Returns o TVA where he finds people have forgotten who he is.

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We also get to see many versions of other Lokis too and what each Loki has gone through in their lives and that there is a Loki who is powerless.

Thus he is also split from Sylvie because they have different ideas about killing He Who Remains.

That’s the end of the story. But is it so?

Because of the way the story ended, anyone could predict that there will be a Loki Season 2 or 3 even.

While Some people have heard from Tom Hiddleston that he is working 10 to 12 episodes of Loki. But Loki season 1 was of 6 episodes so there will be more.

Also, Tom Hiddleston has said he can’t tell much about the project either but he is certainly excited for it to happen.

While this all is there we Suggest keeping a bookmark of this tab it will be updated with more and more future leaks and details about when the Loki session 2 could release.

While Loki Season 2 will start in production in January 2022 possibly and we could expect it to release by 2023 beginning.

That’s all for this.

Till then Enjoy sharing and watching the series you have missed so far.


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