Why Katie Holmes USED Jamie Foxx as a STEPPING STONE for Success in Hollywood?

I know we all were highly shocked over the news of the famous love birds getting separated. Yes, we are talking about the most loving Hollywood couple, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes. Since their separation, we have heard so many things about this particular couple. Recently, news flashed that Katie somehow have used Jamie for her own success. Want to know how much this statement is true or not? Well, to know all about it, stay tuned with us, just right here!

All About Katie Holmes Is Down Here!

Hollywood’s sizzling hot American actress, Katie Holmes is definitely not that easy to resist. The very popular actress is known for her extraordinary beauty and amazing acting skills. Recently a few months back, the star of the Hollywood movies was involved with a young chef named Emilio Vitolo Jr. Many even have guessed that Emilio was more of a fling to Katie. This was her first relationship after her official separation from Jamie Foxx.

Back in May of 2019, she called off her six-year long-term relationship with Jamie Foxx. Many of their fans were seen disheartened over their separation. We surely were looking forward to their wedding bells ringing. Many recently have smashed the actress with allegations of using Jamie as a path towards her own acting career.

Did Katie Holmes Use Jamie Foxx For Her Acting Career?

Before dating each other, many times both the stars have walked off from the news of them dating. And suddenly a few years back, we heard they got together. Katie has done movies before dating Jamie. Also, she is a very independent actress who strongly works day and night to keep her career as the first goal of her life. Dating Jamie definitely added to the fame of Katie Holmes. But we would not deny, she was a celebrity figure even before she started dating Jamie, after all, who would not know the ex-wife of the very stunning, Tom Cruise.

We would also suggest the fans out there brush up on the rumors of the day as this is not the true story. Do consider also her recent breakup with Vitolo which happened because Katie currently wants to focus on her acting career.

Is Jamie Foxx Broken After Separation From Katie Holmes?

Our very stunning and handsome-looking, Hollywood actor, Jamie Foxx is still not dating anyone! The news is really surprising. Ever since he got separated from Katie Holmes, he hasn’t really gotten involved with any other women out there. Looks like he still misses Katie sometimes. Upon an exclusive interview, the star recently spoke on this matter.

The star, Jamie Foxx is currently focusing on his career and his relationship with his daughter. He definitely doesn’t have any plans to marry in the near upcoming future. He is currently tightly jammed up with the work of his news movies and upcoming projects. Jamie has gone through a lot these past months and now is not in the mood to handle furthermore drama in his life.

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