Who Is Lark Related to on Claim to Fame? The Secret Is Out!

Claim to Fame is a reality TV show that features 12 contestants who have a celebrity relative. The twist is that they have to keep their famous connection a secret while trying to guess who their co-stars are related to. The winner gets $100,000 and a chance to meet their celebrity relative.

One of the contestants who has been keeping her identity under wraps is Lark, a 24-year-old former rower from Washington. She has been dropping clues that her aunt is a supermodel from the 1980s, but no one has been able to figure out who she is.

Lark’s Celebrity Relative Is Cindy Crawford

During the ninth episode, Lark’s celebrity relative is revealed to be Cindy Crawford. The challenge confirms that her relative’s nickname is Cynthia, her career is a supermodel, the celebrity she dated was Richard Gere, and the TV show she appeared on was “House of Style.”

Lark, whose full name is Lark Skov, is the niece of Rande Gerber, Cindy’s husband and George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila partner. She confirmed her celebrity relative’s identity while talking to a fellow competitor.

Lark Is an Accomplished Athlete

Lark is not just a pretty face. She is also an accomplished athlete who was a member of the women’s rowing team at the University of Washington. She won a bronze medal in the U.S. women’s eight at the 2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships.

She graduated from the university in 2020 with a major in linguistics.² She also speaks Danish and Spanish fluently.

Lark Is Still in the Competition

Despite being concerned about her identity being uncovered, Lark did not find herself in the bottom two at the end of the ninth episode. She survived another week of the competition, but the stakes continue to get higher.

She has been playing a smart game by letting her housemates think that she is related to Martha Stewart, which was Pepper’s theory. She also correctly guessed that X was related to Laverne Cox in episode three.

Lark Has a Famous Cousin

Lark is not the only one in her family who has inherited Cindy’s good looks and talent. Her cousin Kaia Gerber, Cindy’s daughter, is also a successful model who has walked for Chanel, Versace, Prada, and more.

Kaia follows Lark on Instagram, where Lark goes by @sharkthelark. Her account is currently set to private.

Lark Is Ready to Meet Her Aunt

Lark has said that she joined Claim to Fame because she wanted to meet her aunt Cindy and learn more about her life and career. She said that she admires Cindy for being a strong and independent woman who has achieved so much in the fashion industry and beyond.

She also said that she hopes to make her aunt proud by showing her personality and skills on the show.

Will Lark be able to win Claim to Fame and meet her aunt Cindy? Tune in to ABC on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out!

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