Who is Fletcher related to on Maine Cabin Masters? The surprising family ties of the cabin crew

Maine Cabin Masters is a popular reality TV show that follows a team of builders and renovators who transform old and rundown cabins in the woods of Maine into cozy and comfortable retreats. The show features a cast of charismatic and skilled craftsmen who work together to bring new life to these rustic structures. But did you know that some of the cast members are actually related to each other? Here are some surprising family ties of the cabin crew.

Chase Morrill and Ashley Morrill-Eldridge: Brother and sister

The leader of the team is Chase Morrill, a master builder who has a passion for preserving and restoring cabins. He is also the co-owner of the Kennebec Cabin Company, the home base and headquarters of the Maine Cabin Masters. Chase is joined by his sister, Ashley Morrill-Eldridge, who is the designer of the team. Ashley has a keen eye for colors, fabrics, and accessories that add charm and character to the cabins. She also helps with the construction work and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Chase and Ashley grew up in Augusta, Maine, and share a love for their home state and its natural beauty. They inherited their craftsmanship skills from their father, Eric Morrill, who was a builder and contractor. Their mother, Peggy Morrill, was an artist and teacher who encouraged their creativity. Chase and Ashley have a close bond as siblings and often tease each other on the show.

Ryan Eldridge: Ashley’s husband

Another member of the team is Ryan Eldridge, who is Ashley’s husband and Chase’s brother-in-law. Ryan is also a co-owner of the Kennebec Cabin Company and serves as the voice of reason on the team. He is responsible for managing the budget, timeline, and logistics of each project. He also helps with the carpentry work and has a knack for finding creative solutions to problems.

Ryan met Ashley at the College of Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, where they both studied human ecology. They became friends first and then started dating. They got married in 2005 and have two children together: Maggie and Nori. Ryan is originally from Massachusetts but has embraced Maine as his home. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors with his family.

Fletcher Morrill: Chase’s son

One of the youngest members of the team is Fletcher Morrill, who is Chase’s son. Fletcher often appears on the show as an assistant or an apprentice to his father and uncle. He helps with various tasks such as painting, hammering, sanding, and cleaning. He also provides some comic relief with his witty comments and antics.

Fletcher is one of Chase’s four children with his wife, Sarah Morrill. Sarah is a nurse who works at the Maine Primary Care Association. Chase and Sarah also have three daughters: Norah, Phoebe, and Maggie. Fletcher is the oldest of the siblings and has shown an interest in following his father’s footsteps as a builder.

Matt “Dixie” Dix and Jared “Jedi” Baker: Friends of the family

The other two members of the team are Matt “Dixie” Dix and Jared “Jedi” Baker, who are master carpenters and friends of the family. Dixie has been working with Chase since they were teenagers and has become his right-hand man on the job site. He is known for his humor, enthusiasm, and expertise in woodworking. Jedi joined the team in 2018 after working as a carpenter in Colorado. He is known for his calm demeanor, attention to detail, and ability to handle any challenge.

Dixie and Jedi are not related to Chase or Ashley by blood, but they have become part of their extended family through their friendship and collaboration. They share a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work ethic and skills. They also have fun together on and off the job site.

The cabin crew: A family affair

As you can see, Maine Cabin Masters is more than just a show about cabin renovation. It is also a show about family, friendship, and community. The cabin crew works together as a tight-knit unit that supports each other through thick and thin. They also care about their clients and their stories, and strive to deliver cabins that reflect their personalities and needs.

Maine Cabin Masters is a show that celebrates the beauty of Maine, the craftsmanship of its people, and the bonds that unite them. It is a show that showcases how cabin renovation can be a family affair.

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