Who is Esme related to on General Hospital? The shocking truth revealed!

If you are a fan of General Hospital, you might be wondering who is Esme related to on the show. Esme Prince is a new character who arrived in Port Charles in 2021 as Spencer Cassadine’s girlfriend from boarding school in France. She seems to be a sweet and supportive partner for Spencer, but she also has a dark and mysterious side that hints at a hidden agenda. Esme has been involved in several shady activities, such as setting Ava Jerome’s car on fire, trapping Trina Robinson and Josslyn Jacks in a freezer, and showing a creepy interest in Ryan Chamberlain, the notorious serial killer who is currently in prison. But what is Esme’s connection to Ryan and why is she so obsessed with him? Here are some facts and theories about Esme’s family ties on General Hospital.

Esme is Ryan’s daughter

The most shocking and likely possibility is that Esme is Ryan Chamberlain’s biological daughter. Ryan is a psychotic murderer who has killed many people over the years, including his own brother Kevin Collins. He also has a twisted obsession with Ava Jerome, whom he tried to kill several times. Ryan is currently locked up in Pentonville, where he receives visits from Esme, who pretends to be his lawyer. Esme claims that she wants to help Ryan get out of prison, but she also seems to have a deeper connection to him. She calls him “daddy” when they are alone and tells him that she loves him.

According to ABC.com, not much is known about Esme’s background, except that she was adopted by a wealthy couple who died when she was young. She also mentioned having a nanny, but she lost touch with her. Esme does not know who her birth parents are, but she feels that Spencer is the closest thing she has to family. However, it is possible that Esme actually knows the truth about her parentage and that she has been secretly searching for her father all along. Maybe she found out that Ryan was her father through some clues or documents, and she decided to track him down and get close to him.

How did Ryan father Esme?

If Esme is indeed Ryan’s daughter, then the next question is how did he father her? Ryan has been in and out of prison and mental institutions for most of his life, so he did not have many opportunities to have children. However, there are some possible scenarios that could explain how he conceived Esme.

One possibility is that Ryan fathered Esme during his brief escape from Ferncliff in 2018. He switched places with his twin brother Kevin and pretended to be him for several months. During that time, he had a relationship with Ava Jerome, whom he later tried to kill on their wedding day. He also had encounters with other women, such as Felicia Scorpio and Lulu Spencer. Maybe he met another woman during his escape and had a one-night stand with her, resulting in Esme’s conception.

Another possibility is that Ryan fathered Esme before he was sent to Ferncliff in 1995. He was arrested for killing his wife Gloria and several other people, but he managed to escape custody and went on a killing spree. He was eventually caught by Mac Scorpio and shot by Felicia Scorpio, who was his obsession at the time. He was presumed dead, but he actually survived and was taken to Ferncliff under Kevin’s care. Maybe he met someone during his escape or before his arrest and had a child with her, who was later given up for adoption.

Who is Esme’s mother?

Another mystery surrounding Esme’s identity is who is her mother. If Ryan is her father, then who is the woman who gave birth to her? There are many possibilities for who could be Esme’s mother, but some of them are more likely than others.

One possibility is that Esme’s mother is Heather Webber, another notorious villain on General Hospital. Heather is a manipulative and murderous woman who has a history of mental illness and obsession with men. She also has two sons: Steve Webber, who is in prison for murder; and Franco Baldwin, who was killed by Peter August in 2021. Heather has been in and out of prison and mental institutions for most of her life, but she also had periods of freedom where she could have met Ryan and had a child with him.

According to General Hospital Fanon Wikia , Heather could have met Ryan during one of his escapes from Ferncliff or before he was sent there. They could have bonded over their shared psychosis and hatred for the world. They could have had a brief affair that resulted in Esme’s conception. Heather could have given up the baby for adoption or abandoned her somewhere, without telling Ryan about her existence.

Another possibility is that Esme’s mother is someone else who had a connection to Ryan or his brother Kevin. Maybe she was one of Ryan’s victims who survived his attacks, or one of Kevin’s patients who was manipulated by Ryan. Maybe she was someone who worked at Ferncliff or Pentonville and had access to Ryan. Maybe she was someone who was involved in the adoption process and knew about Esme’s parentage. Whoever she is, she could have a reason to hide Esme’s identity from her or from Ryan.

What is Esme’s plan?

The final question is what is Esme’s plan on General Hospital. Why did she come to Port Charles and what does she want from Ryan, Spencer, and the others? Esme seems to have a complex and twisted agenda that involves several people and motives.

One possible motive is that Esme wants to help Ryan escape from prison and reunite with him as a family. She might feel that Ryan is the only person who understands her and loves her unconditionally. She might also want to avenge him for the wrongs that he suffered at the hands of his enemies, such as Ava, Kevin, and Laura. She might be willing to do anything to make Ryan happy, even if it means hurting or killing others.

Another possible motive is that Esme wants to destroy Ryan and make him pay for abandoning her or hurting her mother. She might feel that Ryan is a monster who deserves to suffer and die. She might also want to expose him for the crimes that he committed and make him face justice. She might be pretending to love him and help him, but in reality, she is plotting against him and waiting for the right moment to strike.

A third possible motive is that Esme wants to inherit Ryan’s fortune and power. She might feel that she is entitled to his money and influence as his daughter. She might also want to use his resources to further her own goals or ambitions. She might be using Spencer as a pawn to get closer to Ryan and his family. She might also be manipulating Ryan into changing his will or giving her access to his accounts.

Whatever Esme’s plan is, it is clear that she is a dangerous and unpredictable character who will stop at nothing to achieve it. She is a threat to everyone who crosses her path, especially those who are related to Ryan or Kevin. Who is Esme related to on General Hospital? The shocking truth will soon be revealed!

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