Who is Dex Related to on General Hospital? The Mystery of the Newcomer

General Hospital is known for its intriguing characters and complex family ties. One of the newest additions to the show is Dex Heller, played by Evan Hofer. Dex is a former soldier and a current henchman for Sonny Corinthos, the mob boss of Port Charles. But who is Dex related to on General Hospital? Fans have been speculating about his possible connections to other characters on the show. Here are some of the theories and clues.

Is Dex Jason’s Son?

One of the most popular theories is that Dex is the son of Jason Morgan, the former right-hand man of Sonny who died in 2022. Fans have noticed some similarities between Dex and Jason, such as their blonde hair, blue eyes, stoic demeanor, and loyalty to Sonny. Some also think that Dex resembles Michael Corinthos, Jason’s adoptive son and Sonny’s biological son.

According to IMDb, Dex Heller is a newcomer to General Hospital who arrived in May 2022. He was hired by Sonny as his new henchman after Jason’s death. However, Sonny does not know that Dex is actually working as a mole for Michael, who wants to take down his father’s criminal empire.

If Dex is Jason’s son, it would create a lot of drama and conflict on the show. How would Sonny react if he found out that his trusted employee is betraying him and is related to his best friend? How would Michael feel if he learned that he has a half-brother who is also his enemy? How would Dex cope with his divided loyalties and his true identity?

Is Dex Lily’s Son?

Another theory is that Dex is the son of Lily Corinthos, Sonny’s first wife who died in a car bomb in 1996. Lily was pregnant with Sonny’s child when she died, but some fans believe that the baby survived and was secretly adopted by someone else.

According to General Hospital Wiki, Lily was the daughter of Hernando Rivera, a powerful drug lord who disapproved of her marriage to Sonny. Hernando tried to kill Sonny several times, but ended up killing Lily and their unborn child instead. However, some fans think that Hernando or someone else in his organization could have saved the baby and raised him as their own.

If Dex is Lily’s son, it would mean that he is Sonny’s biological son as well. This would add another layer of complexity to their relationship and their rivalry with Michael. It would also make Dex a part of the Rivera family, who could pose a threat to Sonny and his business.

Is Dex Related to Someone Else?

Of course, there are other possibilities for Dex’s parentage and lineage. Some fans have suggested that he could be the son of A.J. Quartermaine, Ric Lansing, or another character on the show. Some have even speculated that he could be a Cassadine, a Spencer, or a Jerome.

According to Fresherslive.com, Dex Heller is a relatively new character on General Hospital whose popularity has grown on the show. Fans have speculated about his familial connections within Port Charles, but so far, no definitive answers have been given.

Whoever Dex is related to on General Hospital, it is likely that his background will be revealed soon and will have major implications for the show. Until then, fans can enjoy watching him interact with other characters and wonder about his secrets.

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