When is Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Coming to Netflix? Release Date and More

While season one of Julie And The Phantoms was launched in 2020 and not to say but this series was quite awesome and managed to impress people with its songs and storyline and managed to rule out a new side of musicals. It’s time for Julie And The Phantoms Season 2. So, when will it release?

The series is set on a girl who meets ghosts and they form a band and can perform the songs. While they seem ghosts but are they ghosts that is what has been everyone thinking since season one ended.

Kenny Ortega is the director for the series who has set the bar so for the web series that it was a High School Musical hit for the year 2021 and The show won Best Musical Moment at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021 for ‘Edge of Great’, beating out Wandavision’s ‘Agatha All Along’ and ‘Brown Skin Girl’ from Beyoncé’s Black Is King, among others – so clearly, it made quite the impression on its viewers.

Madison Reyes as Julie Molina and there’s guitar player Luke (Charlie Gillespie), Reggie (Jeremy Shada) on bass, and drummer Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner), who we’d expect to return for a second album.

So when is season 2 coming?

The chances of the season happening are there because of the fact the series left on suspense that there is more to come. While the lead actress became the love interest one of the ghosts who are in her band or more like she is in their band.

There has been no news about the trailer of Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 yet but as soon it drops we will get more details further that how and what will be going on.

So stayed stunned and keep on checking.

Julie And The Phantoms Trailer

What could be new in Julie And The Phantoms Season 2?

While having an interview with Collider, the lead actress said that she would love to see more of the romance and what kind of love triangle will it form.

Not only that we can also get to see most ghost(characters) stories in detail that what is happening and how can they as passed on from this world.

There will be some connection regarding that.

But the main what new songs and what the show will bring this time have people have set their eyes on this.

while there is no official confirmation when the series will come and launch.

When is the trailer Dropping?

The trailer could be dropping on youtube Netflix futures channel and while Netflix hasn’t announced when they plan to launch it but fans hope that they do soon.

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Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 Spoilers!!! (Read at your own risk)

There could be chances that they will be brought back to life and the reason is that why not.

To those who think they are just holograms no they are not.

yes, they will be seen in more places now.

The link When they appear only while singing and can be seen by everyone then only will be tried in new ways in Julie And The Phantoms Season 2.


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