When Does Code Geass Season 3 Release? Know What’s In Store

One of the best action anime series might return soon for the third season. Fans have been waiting for so many days to see the third season of Code Geass. Finally, we do have a chance to see the third chapter of the show. Crunchyroll has still not said anything about the third season of Code Geass but we are guessing they will soon announce the release date. The previous two seasons were a blast and now people want even more content. Stay tuned to know all about Code Geass Season 3, just right here!

When Can Season 3 of Code Geass Get Released?

During the year 2006, particularly in the fall season, the first season of Code Geass was initially aired. The next season came after a gap of two years. Season two was aired back in the year 2008. Recently, two years back, we also got an anime film in the year 2019, namely, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection. Though the storyline of the film is different from the series.Another movie named Code Geass: Z of the Recapture is also currently under work. We are guessing the upcoming content will catch up from the previous movie ending which was launched in 2019.

Ever since Crunchyroll announced the “Code Geass: Z of the Recapture” series back in December 2020, fans have waited anxiously for more news. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a concrete premiere date for the upcoming show, but according to Monsters and Critics, the franchise’s production company Sunrise Inc. confirmed it will premiere sometime this year. Since there’s also a mobile game titled “Code Geass: Genesis Re; CODE” dropping in Japan this Spring, per Siliconera, it’s likely that “Code Geass: Z of the Recapture” will debut in the winter — still, stay tuned for an official update.

Both the previous two seasons of the show had around a total of 25 episodes each. It is one of the most loved anime series. According to the reports, season 3 is currently underworking. The high popularity of the show and the movie cannot be denied by any. The third season will air after the release of the movie, Code Geass: Z of the Recapture. We are expecting the third season to launch somewhere around the fall season of next year, 2022, or during winter in the year, 2023.

All About Code Geass Is Down Here!

The series Code Geass is a creation of the Sunrise studio. Code Geass revolves around the tale of Lelouch vi Britannia, also known as LelouchLamperouge, who has been out from his kingdom where he was the prince. The story is all about intense fights and battles, action and drama. With all of these, the raging emotions of the characters just complete it all. Lelouch keeps fighting to get the Empire. He gets many obstacles on his way. He wins some of the battles and loses the others but still never gives up.

In this whole course, he has to fight intensely and some of the fights were even against some of his relatives and close ones. Betrayal and sad endings have made everyone frustrated but there is a love angle too. Code Geass’s popularity has grown over the years. The franchise has gone out of its way and thought out of the box every time. Every episode of the show had been shocking and entertaining of the show.

The third season of the anime series is set on hold and making. If you still haven’t watched, the series Code Geass, then you are missing a great story. You can always see the earlier two seasons of the series on the platform of Funimation and Crunchyroll. You also have the English dubbed version available on both platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions on Code Geass Season 3

Is Code Geass season 3 coming out?

Code Geass has been on the air for nearly 14 years now. The demand for a third season is still high because the show is so popular. However, it appears that there will not be a third season.

Is Lelouch coming back for season 3?

If a third season does happen, it is unlikely that Lelouch will return. Many anime lovers were unsatisfied with the ending and many unresolved character arcs, which season 2 left viewers with. Instead, they wanted more resolutions to their favorite characters.

Is Code Geass anime over?

Code Geass the series (2006–2008) is finished and the story ended. However, the staff of CG decided to continue the story as they made three recap movies that summarize the whole series with very few changes of the main story (2017–2018).

Is Lelouch immortal?

The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is that he didn’t take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass.

Are CC and Lelouch together?

With Lelouch, C.C. had finally found a true partner–one who promised her heart’s desire: to be loved. Now while she wasn’t going to interfere with the Zero Requiem plan, she’d be damned if she’d let Lelouch go without a fight. Thus, she hatched a plan to save him.

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