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Whatsapp Down! The Outage Persists Even After Three Hours.

Huge outage in the servers of WhatsApp all over the world is being witnessed right now. The company is still in the process of solving the problem but users aren’t ceasing to complain and, they are using Twitter as the platform for doing it.

The users aren’t being able to use their favorite messaging app and what is the reason for this?

As we all know that Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014 and since then both the companies have run on the same servers worldwide so if any one of the services provided by Facebook like Instagram or WhatsApp remains down, all the services go down and that is a big downside of these services.

The message on Whatsapp’s website suggested a Domain Name System (DNS) error. DNS allows web addresses to take users to their destinations. A similar issue took down multiple websites in July 2021.

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All we can do now is that we can wait for the outage to end. Here are some Tweets related to the outage:

Users are also tweeting that one company should not have so much power, control, and influence in the social media industry.

This Is What Actually Happened