What Was Lisa Marie’s Cause of Death? The Tragic Story of Elvis Presley’s Daughter

Lisa Marie Presley was the only child of the legendary singer and actor Elvis Presley, who died in 1977. She was also a singer and songwriter herself, who released three albums and collaborated with artists such as Michael Jackson, Cher, and Alice Cooper. She died on January 12, 2024, at the age of 54, from a rare complication of a weight-loss surgery she had undergone years before. This article will explore the life and death of Lisa Marie Presley, and how she struggled with her health, her relationships, and her legacy.

A Privileged but Troubled Childhood

Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Elvis and Priscilla Presley. She was the only child of the couple, who divorced when she was five years old. She grew up in Graceland, the famous mansion of her father, where she was surrounded by luxury and fame. She also witnessed her father’s drug abuse and deteriorating health, which affected her deeply.

Lisa Marie Presley inherited her father’s musical talent and passion, and started singing and playing piano at a young age. She also developed a rebellious and independent streak, and often clashed with her mother and her stepfather. She dropped out of school at 17, and married her first husband, Danny Keough, a musician, at 20. They had two children, Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm, before divorcing in 1994.

A Controversial and Unstable Love Life

Lisa Marie Presley’s love life was often the subject of media attention and speculation. She had four marriages, all of which ended in divorce. Her most famous and controversial marriage was with Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, whom she married in 1994, just 20 days after her divorce from Keough. The marriage was widely seen as a publicity stunt, and was met with skepticism and criticism. Lisa Marie Presley defended her relationship with Jackson, and said that she loved him and tried to help him with his problems. However, the marriage lasted only two years, and they divorced in 1996.

Lisa Marie Presley’s next marriage was with Nicolas Cage, the Oscar-winning actor, whom she married in 2002. The marriage was also short-lived, and they separated after 107 days. They divorced in 2004, after a bitter legal battle. Lisa Marie Presley’s last marriage was with Michael Lockwood, a guitarist and producer, whom she married in 2006. They had twin daughters, Harper and Finley, in 2008. They separated in 2016, and their divorce was finalized in 2023, after a long and acrimonious custody dispute.

A Struggle with Weight and Health

Lisa Marie Presley had a lifelong struggle with her weight and health, which she attributed to her genetic predisposition and her emotional issues. She said that she inherited her father’s appetite and metabolism, and that she used food as a coping mechanism for her stress and depression. She also said that she was unhappy with her body image, and that she felt pressured by the media and the public to look a certain way.

Lisa Marie Presley tried various diets and exercise regimes to lose weight, but none of them worked for her. She also suffered from chronic pain and insomnia, which affected her quality of life. In 2015, she decided to undergo a weight-loss surgery, known as bariatric surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach and limits the amount of food intake. She said that the surgery was a last resort, and that she hoped it would improve her health and self-esteem.

However, the surgery had a serious and unexpected complication, which ultimately led to her death. The surgery caused adhesions, which are scar tissues that form after surgeries and can block the intestines. Lisa Marie Presley developed a small bowel obstruction, which is a life-threatening condition that prevents the passage of food and fluids through the digestive tract. She died of cardiac arrest, caused by the bowel obstruction, on January 12, 2024, at a hospital in California. She was 54 years old.

A Legacy of Music and Charity

Lisa Marie Presley was a talented and successful singer and songwriter, who followed in her father’s footsteps and carved her own niche in the music industry. She released three albums, To Whom It May Concern (2003), Now What (2005), and Storm and Grace (2012), which received positive reviews and sold millions of copies worldwide. She also collaborated with other artists, such as Michael Jackson, Cher, Alice Cooper, and Pat Benatar. She was known for her distinctive voice, her eclectic style, and her honest and personal lyrics.

Lisa Marie Presley was also a generous and compassionate person, who supported various charities and causes, especially related to children and animals. She was the co-founder and chairwoman of the Presley Charitable Foundation, which provides housing and support for homeless families. She was also involved with the Dream Factory, which grants wishes to critically and chronically ill children, and the World Wildlife Fund, which protects endangered species and habitats. She also donated money and items to various organizations and events, such as the Red Cross, the Hurricane Katrina relief, and the Elvis Presley Museum.

Lisa Marie Presley was a complex and fascinating person, who lived a full and turbulent life. She was the daughter of a legend, who had to deal with the burden and the blessing of her heritage. She was a wife and a mother, who had to cope with the challenges and the joys of her relationships. She was a singer and a songwriter, who had to express and share her creativity and emotions. She was a fighter and a survivor, who had to overcome and succumb to her health and destiny. She left behind a legacy of music and charity, and a memory of love and grace.

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