What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth: Nigersaurus Meme Explained

Dinosaurs are the animals who lived millions of millions before we came. We don’t know much about Dinosaurs. How they look like, how they sound like. But something we get to know is what types of Dinosaurs are. Whether they are carnivores, herbivores, or it is Omnivores. Many movies and series have been based upon the Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are something that people love. But for some years we get to see a meme about Nigersaurus. The meme is about “Do not Google” What Dinosaur has 500 teeth? and this meme has spread like a wildfire on social media platforms.

The meme is something that makes social media users happy. They were made for some fun for them. Some memes gave us some interesting facts and some memes gave us fun. A dinosaur is a creature that lived before humans. They lived millions of millions of years ago until they were all extinct. We get to know about dinosaurs by finding their fossils. There are many dinosaurs and these dinosaurs species have some different periods. The periods are Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Recently a meme has come on social media and memes became viral regarding a Dinosaur and the popularity of the meme is increasing day by day. The meme is about “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth”. When googled, the result came as Nigersaurus. Now we are going to explain this meme.


Origin of What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth meme

A Reddit user has posted this meme. When the meme came into social media the meme spread like Wildfire. As everyone wants to type the keywords which have not even had the good results on the Google. He posted this meme and added some words on Reddit “Whatever you do, Don’t Google What dinosaur has 500 teeth”. This meme was posted in September 2019. This meme also has something different in intentions. Many Reddit users are hoping that the result will shock users by suggesting the name is similar to the N-word. Since then several memes were created. After that, the Reddit user was deleted from the internet.

Why do people warn against What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth meme?

This meme is spreading like Wildfire. Many peoples like this meme. This meme was first posted on Reddit in September 2019. The meme was telling us “Don’t Google What Dinosaur has 500 teeth?” But many people warn against this meme because if you googled this you get the result of Nigersaurus. But people warn against this, acting as though the dinosaur’s name is a play on the N-word. As this meme affects a specific type of community. Internet users became very curious to learn and know about the meaning of this viral meme.

Nigersaurus Meme

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Meme on various social media platforms.

This meme was also carried onto YouTube in January 2020. A YouTube user posted a video based on this meme, and this meme gained popularity with over sixty-six thousand views on YouTube. Another Youtube channel has posted the video on the same basis and got 2000 views in his channel. Afterward, both the videos were deleted from YouTube. This meme was also viral on the Tiktok, What dinosaur has 500 teeth? and then it acquired the reaction of various types of videos, and then these all became viral content. This meme is also posted on various social media platforms. The meme “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” has become the highest autocompleted suggestion for “what dinosaur”.

The trend of this meme

The meme was created by a Reddit user or consumer, and then suddenly this meme blew up on every social media platform. Then the people of all ages became very curious about this meme and type the keywords of the meme “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth”. This was just a wired joke and this meme was first searched by a Reddit user. The Reddit user’s account has been deleted since then. This joke was first formed in September 2019. However, this joke spread in December 2019 in many Reddit groups and on many social media platforms. The meme spread like wildfire, if u search “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” you will get the result of Nigersaurus. As many people warn not to search this on Google as this is indicating to the N-word. This meme keeps on trending day by day with different keywords or in this keyword. The search engine ranking showed the sentence as the top-ranking search option. One can understand the trendiness of the meme from this search engine ranking on Google.

Nigersaurus in Jurassic World Evolution

Reactions of Netizens on What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth meme

Netizen means a user of the internet, usually, he/she is habituated with it. The meme has reached a peak in popularity level. As Netizens are there they gave many reactions to this meme. A Google search result “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” instantly turned out into a viral meme. Many the Netizens called this meme “the most politically incorrect dinosaur ever”. Also, this meme is used by many famous political personalities too. While some Netizens state this meme with “African American Saurus is a mouthful”. One person also said that this is the worst mistake of his life.

Impact of the meme on Google

The meme had a great impact on the people, but it also affected the Google search. Whenever any people typed “what dinosaur” immediately the automatic fill-in for that was “has 500 teeth”. This is evidence of the obsession that the people have with this meme. As the meme started spreading telling Don’t Google “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth?” people were curious to search this meme. The answer came to Nigersaurus. But as soon as people found out that this joke is racist, they didn’t stop searching for it. Instead, they chose to spread it and make it viral. Few mentioned the name of the dinosaur and its pronunciation clearly to stop this kind of nonsense.

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth: Nigersaurus Meme

Nigersaurus’s origin

They did not find their name from its discovery. Then the authority suggested a name for this dinosaur based on their findings. Nigersaurus was found in West Africa which is now Niger. The fossils of this dinosaur were found in the Sahara Desert, when Nigersaurus lived the area was a flood plain with wide rivers, coniferous forest, and lush vegetation. The Nigersaurus was found by an American Paleontologist name Paul Sereno. And he also suggested and gave the name Nigersaurus. They belong to and have Niger reptiles. Although the specific name of these reptiles was taqueti. Which were focused on the French Paleontologist Phillippe Taquet. Phillippe Taquet was the first man to find the remains of this dinosaur in the year of 1976. Therefore he added the word Taqueti after the name of Nigersaurus.

 Other information about Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus is a herbivore dinosaur. He is such a kind of Dinosaur with 500 teeth, and his upper and lower jaw teeth are different from each other. They only eat green leaves, plants, grass, etc. They also birth their babies. They look quite similar to lizards. They also have a long neck like Giraffe which helps eat plants and long trees. These types of Dinosaurs belonged to the Rebbachisaurid sauropod. According to Paleontologists and Archeologists, they lived about 115 to 105 million years ago on this earth. Hence they existed in the Cretaceous period. Nigersaurus is 30ft tall.

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth Meme

Not to Spread these types of memes

Many such racist memes are spreading on social media platforms. These memes can affect and also hurt some specific groups of people. If someone doesn’t know the meaning of the meme then don’t post that kind of meme. This meme “what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” has also hurt a specific group of people. As this meme is indicating the N-word. Many peoples don’t like that meme.

Last words on “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?”

Many times these racist memes come as a joke. Try to know the real meaning of the joke and then share if it is worth it and doesn’t hurt anyone. As this meme “what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” hurt a specific group of people. As they hurt the N-word people. Acting responsibly can prevent such memes from getting shared. Hope now you know the real meaning of “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth” or we can say Nigersaurus meme.

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