Wentworth Season 9 Release Date; Is It Happening Or Is It Canceled?

The prison drama tv show premiered in 2013 and immediately established itself as a contender against other prison dramas such as the famed Netflix original show Orange Is the New Black. Netflix also released a lineup of upcoming releases scheduled for September 2021, and Wentworth season 9 wasn’t one of them. When will the last season of Wentworth arrive on Netflix, now that season 9 has started showing in Australia?

For eight seasons, the series hasn’t even been hesitant to push its characters through the terrible ordeal, and it’s reasonable to suppose that viewers who are keen to know who lives to see the program’s finale just simply can not wait for the ninth season to settle the many dangling narrative threads.

Wentworth Season 9: Release Date

According to several reports, the 9th season’s filming was hampered by the Covid-19 epidemic. Almost every entertainment initiative has been halted and postponed indefinitely. The best part seems to be that the coronavirus epidemic has had little impact on Season 9 production, given the most of it was already completed. As previously said, Wentworth season 9 is now showing on Fox Showcase, therefore we should not really assume a very quick.  We do, although, have an inkling as to when the last season might be available on Netflix. Seasons 5-8 debuted on the streaming service a day after their respective season finales premiered.

Because season 9 has ten episodes and programs air every Tuesday, we may expect Hamilton season 9 to be released on Netflix on October 27. Of course, that’s only if the program does not take any breaks.

Wentworth (also referred to as Wentworth Prison) was developed by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam based on Reg Watson’s initial 1979 tv show of the same title. Bea Smith, who’s been imprisoned after killing her tyrannical husband, has been the focus of Foxtel’s original show. After Bea rises to the pinnacle of the jail ranks, subsequent seasons will present new personalities before turning to Bea.

Since its debut in 2013, it has produced eight seasons and has received widespread accolades and praise from critics. Critics appreciated its realistic depiction of the prison environment and the refined performances of the series’ female characters. Fans are excited to see the actors again after the 8th season ended on a somewhat cliffhanger.

Wentworth Season 9: Cast

The final chapter is planned to feature almost all of the series’ living characters from prior seasons. Ruby Mitchell will be played by Rarriwuy Hick, while Marie Winter will be played by Susie Porter. Rita Connors, an assistant officer, will be played by Leah Purcell. Furthermore, Pamela Rabe will portray Joan Ferguson in the forthcoming season, which will delight fans.

Wentworth Season 9: Expected Plot

The most compelling storyline will very certainly include Allie Novak and Season 8 newbie, deadly tech-terrorist Judy Bryant. Judy is a genuinely terrible force, demonstrating her power in Season 8 by taking Lou’s cash and plotting the murder of a top US official — and finishing the season by killing Allie in the bath. In Season 9, if Allie managed to stay alive or not will most certainly be a major issue. Similarly, Judy may be strong and deadly, but she’ll be in a heap of problems if only a quarter of her sins are discovered, so it’ll be intriguing to watch what follows… and also who ultimately ended up fighting off against her. It would also be fascinating to watch how Joan’s hunger for authority takes her in Season 9, after depicting herself as cruel and dominating in prior seasons. The season finale is tense, with the existing prison power structure challenged by individuals fresh to the institution. Season nine will naturally take up the fragments left by season eight’s dark ending. The last season of the beloved program is promised to be as dark, dramatic, and exciting as past seasons.


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