Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland‘s movie Uncharted was released in theaters

Netflix previously announced that Uncharted was going to debut on the streaming service on July 15, but then it never arrived

At the end of the movie, Gage, a character who works for Roman, a bad guy from the games, is introduced

First, two of the nine Uncharted games were mentioned, but they weren’t explicitly mentioned in any way for the first film

Sophia Ali will probably come back, too, since Chloe Frazer’s story was left unfinished. Since their characters died in the movie, it’s likely that Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle won’t come back

Pilou Asbaek, who was in the end credits scene of Uncharted, might have a bigger part in the sequel, along with whoever might be cast as Sam Drake as an adult

The production cycle for sequels typically lasts between two and three years, which means that 2025 might be the latest release date if everything goes according to plan behind the scenes

Unfortunately, there is no footage for a thrilling Uncharted 2 trailer because filming has not yet begun