Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio (The Great Gatsby, The Revenant, Catch Me If You Can) really made his mark on the cinematic universe

Now 46-year-old actor’s career actually started several years before his most iconic character died in the North Atlantic

Following a succession of television roles and bit parts, DiCaprio’s first memorable movie role came in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), alongside Johnny Depp 

But it was Dawson who has had the most lasting mark on DiCaprio’s career — and seemingly his life. In a resurfaced story from 2020

The man was found near Saba island, south of St. Martin…He was severely dehydrated and had been treading water for 11 hours, the source told the newspaper.

The man was taken to receive medical attention and later recovered, according to the article. He praised DiCaprio and his companions, saying “I should have died.”

Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) is a 17-year-old, upper-class American suffocating under the rigid confines and expectations of Edwardian society

Once he opens her eyes to the world that lies outside her gilded cage, Rose and Jack’s forbidden love begins a powerful mystery that ultimately echoes across the years into the present