First Character Announced of Guilty Gear

By Aashish Verma

Arc System Works has announced the release date for Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 2 alongside its first DLC character, Bridget

Arc System Works has already said that Season Pass 2 for Guilty Gear Strive will start at EVO with the release of Bridget

Bridget will come with two new battle stages and a second color pack, Alongside the playable new character

There will be a total of 4 new characters in Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 2, so you can expect three more characters to be added in the future.

Arc System Works made a new original music video for Sol Badguy's theme to mark the event.

Also, the standard edition of Guilty Gear Strive will cost $39.99 instead of $49.99 starting on August 8.

IGN's review of Guilty Gear Strive, if you haven't played it yet, said that it was one of the most stylish modern fighters out there, which is true.