As we prepare for Jack Ryan season 3 to eventually arrive on Amazon, there is a lot to think about

Typically, we tend to have at least a few months between when a start date is announced and the show actually premieres

Take The Boys, for example. It has been a little strange just how much radio silence there has been on the subject of more Jack Ryan

If we’re to assume that we’re going to see a similar period of around two months from announcement to the actual date

We’re probably not seeing John Krasinski and the rest of the cast back until at least October, and it could be later than that

Late October / early November launch would at least mesh well with some of what we’ve seen back in season 2, so why wouldn’t Amazon want to go forward with that in mind?

In general, we imagine that the streaming service is going to want to give themselves a lot of time (and money) to promote the third season

You’ve got here a marquee star and a show that will probably be global in scale; that’s a lot of what makes the radio silence on season 3 so strange