The scribe reveals part of the hour was shot in secret months before the rest of the episode

Schnauz, who first met Vince Gilligan at NYU film school, eventually worked alongside the future Breaking Bad creator

During a mid-2000s phone call, Schnauz’s joke about a mobile meth lab inspired Gilligan to create Breaking Bad, which Schnauz later joined in season three

With the conclusion of “Better Call Saul” just over the wintry Nebraska horizon, now comes the time for last-minute trades

Their conversation may be the last word on the unsuspecting wife of a drug kingpin, of a possible ricin cigarette thief and a certain El Camino

In its place comes a moment that’s fueled rumors even before “Better Call Saul” was ever in an official press release

“Breaking Bad” (the episode) is the series’ ending batch starting to feel closer and closer to a death rattle fever dream

So it makes sense that the “Breaking Bad”-era moments we see here come nestled around a moment that Saul Goodman felt awfully close to death