Elvis Presley experts and historians have long known about a collection of jewellery

Both collectors and fans have spent decades searching for the items, which were thought to be lost

Thanks to Brigitte Kruse, founder and CEO of GWS Auctions, who found and assembled the pieces, they can now be seen together for the first time

Two hundred items, including gold rings encrusted with jewels, cufflinks, watches and chains, will go up for auction on Aug 27

Presley’s former wife Priscilla worked with Kruse on the collection, although Priscilla does not own any of pieces.

Priscilla Presley said she felt protective of the items because she designed some of them, including artefacts with the logo for TCB Band

Priscilla Presley supported the auction in part because she was weary of seeing so many fake Elvis artefacts for sale

"There is so much product out there that is not authentic at all and that worries me," she said