Latest NBA rumors suggest that the Boston Celtics could have the best trade package to land former league

Requesting a trade on June 30 from the Brooklyn Nets, Durant’s time in Brooklyn appears to be coming to an end after three seasons with the team

New details on where trade talks stand are pointing towards the Boston Celtics potentially getting a deal done for the twelve-time All-Star

According to Charania, the Celtics are now mulling over next steps on how to approach discussions with the Nets

This is a massive development not only because Kevin Durant could potentially be on the move, but he could end up being traded to the team who just lost in the 2022 NBA Finals

After losing in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors in six games, the Boston Celtics know that they are right on the doorstep of raising their eighteenth championship

As of right now, the Celtics still have their entire starting five from the 2021-22 season in Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum

On the other side of things though, this is not just any player we are talking about here… It is Kevin Durant, one of the greatest players in NBA history.