Wakanda Forever may be almost here, but much of the movie is still a complete mystery

Kevin Feige did reveal at San Diego Comic-Con that the film will close Marvel Phase 4 and unveiled its first trailer – which teases a new Black Panther

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Wakanda Forever will be hitting theaters this November 11, 2022. That's over four years since Black Panther released back in February 2018

The first Black Panther 2 trailer for the film was unveiled at SDCC, and it revealed a Wakanda in mourning for King T'Challa

Marvel has been clear that he won't be recast, which means Wakanda Forever will not include a new actor as King T'Challa

Newcomers to the cast include Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams, who will soon be starring in her own Disney Plus show Ironheart

Another person who most likely isn't back, though, is Michael B. Jordan. He's previously put the odds of a Killmonger return as low as two out of 10.