After reports surfaced that Beyoncé will change a lyric on her new album "Renaissance"

Since the album's release on July 29, Beyoncé has come under fire for a lyric on the eleventh track, "Heated," which critics say contains an ableist term

Spasticity is defined as an "abnormal muscle tightness due to prolonged muscle contraction," according to Johns Hopkins Medicine

On Monday, Lewinsky shared a Variety report on Twitter about Beyoncé removing the lyric from the song

"uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition," wrote Lewinsky, who became an anti-bullying advocate following her widely publicized affair in the 1990s

When a Twitter user inquired if Lewinsky reached out to Beyoncé about "Partition" before the singer's recent controversy

"i did mention it in the first vanity fair article i wrote in 2014… which was the first public thing i’d done in 10 years," Lewinsky added

"Every day someone mentions me in a tweet or a blog post, and not altogether kindly," Lewinsky wrote for Vanity Fair in 2014