Ashton Kutcher shared his struggles with vasculitis

By Aashish Verma

Eric Trump said on Monday night that he was told the raid was because government secrets may have been mishandled.

Ashton Kutcher revealed Monday he had battled a serious autoimmune disease that affected his hearing, sight and ability to walk for more than a year

"Knocked out my vision, knocked out my hearing, knocked out like all my equilibrium. It took me like a year to like build it all back up," Kutcher told adventurer

Symptoms of vasculitis Vasculitis occurs when the body's immune system attacks veins, arteries and small capillaries

Depending on the precise type and degree of the disorder and which organs are attacked, symptoms of vasculitis vary and can be mild, serious or life-threatening

Vasculitis can be caused by things like age, race, family history, and habits like smoking and using illegal drugs.

Inflammation is reduced. Over-the-counter pain medications relieve mild cases. Steroids, monoclonal antibodies, and immunomodulators are prescribed for severe instances.