WB REMOVING Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 by KILLING HER character within 1st 5 Minutes of the Movie, CONFIRMED

The big relationship controversy has been put through as the reports suggest that Amber Heard will finally be removed from her famous projects. The relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been making big headlines ever since their feud took place and mentioning the part that the audience is taking sides at the time and it is yet to see how long it will last.

Their relationship did not only fall apart on a bigger note but both of them holds grudges for each other at that period of time. Amber Heard made accusations some time ago that Johnny Depp assaulted her physically back in the time and the case went ahead for a long time.

Amber Heard will be removed from the new installment of Aquaman

This was the cause to which Johnny Depp lost over a number of major movie projects and also other franchisees he was working on at the time whereas Amber Heard kept ahead to retain all the projects to herself.

Also to mention the part that their relationship has made over big headlines and now especially the part when Johnny Depp has slammed a defamation case against her at the time of $50 million. The pair are facing each other in the legal battle court and though bringing ahead their best lawyers at the time to get the proofs and though which could help them to win the case.

The court is proceeding forward with big motives and is hearing through both of their hearings while it looks like at the time that Johnny Depp would win the overall legal battle as a number of proofs has been gathered against Amber Heard at the time and those are basically the recordings which have been put through in the court.

Hence, to mention that Amber Heard is being criticized heavily for the big activities that she has been involved in and which have been counted in to be misbehavior. The audience on the other hand has also been asking the big industries to remove Amber Heard from the famous projects such as Aquaman Johnny Depp was also removed from some of the most famous titles including Pirates of the Caribbean.

This thing in demand is being put into attention at the time and thus there are official talks at the time stating that Amber Heard will be removed from Aquaman 2 and though the creators of the movie will make the script of killing the character and this is the way that the personality will be removed from the title.

There are a lot of talks going around regarding the removal of Amber Heard from the upcoming installment of Aquaman but nothing has been confirmed so far and though it is safe to say that the personality might be in the movie but only for a short period of time and that will be removed by WB officially.

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