Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and Where to Watch

There have been a lot of Netflix original shows that have made a big mark over the years such as Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, etc. while one of the most discussed titles of Netflix has been Warrior Nun and especially with the way the first season wrapped up. In this article, we shall discuss the upcoming Warrior Nun Season 2.

Warrior Nun has also known to be one of the most underrated according to the viewers and considering the huge success it recieved with the first season. There were always big questions being raised over to what will happen in Warrior Nun Season 2 and what story will be picked up.

The viewers have certainly been waiting long to hear more from the biblical coming of the age story and though it is almost time for the second season and the authorities have also posted some updates to cover and the latest trailer regarding Warrior Nun Season 2 has been released.

Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2 finally dropped the trailer

Warrior Nun Season 2 gives a major glimpse of what shall be leading over with the story. The trailer which comes in as an action-packed one catches back with the story of Ava and the role of the character is played by Alba Baptista after the massive suspense which was left over by the end of the first season.

It is now portrayed as how Eva is currently preparing over for the Order of the Cruciform Sword and that is for the pending war held against Adriel. The influence of the demon has been seen growing ever since we saw the last of the show on the screens. However to mention that there are a number of compelling scenes to come across of the characters who have been drawing the lines in the sand and now the times are going to change certainly as Ava is coming forward to intensely meeting back with her father named Father Vincent after he betrayed her in the previous season of the show and though the situation was certain to take a toll of change at this period of time. The viewers have been eagerly waiting for the major confrontation that will be made between the two and how things will get more intense at the time and all to be covered in Warrior Nun Season 2. The other big change in the scenario which has played over at this time is that Cardinal Duretti now seems to be all corrupted by Adriel while there will be a lot of major consequences to face ahead for them as they will be plotting against Ava.

The synopsis of Warrior Nun Season 2 is also available to cover now and it reads that Ava along with the Sister-Warriors of OCS must come ahead to figure out a way to defeat the Angel Adriel as he shall attempt to build over his following empire into the dominant religion of the planet and everything will go down if Ava and the others do not give their best in the challenge ahead.

The release date of the upcoming season announced

One of the main things that captured everyone’s attention at the time was the new weapon portrayed in the trailer in the Arsenal of Ava and which is basically known to be a key for stopping Adriel. It was shown to be a halo disc which was mysterious or moreover mythical in its own look and something we see Ava taking out from the statue was something that defeated Adriel in the first place around.

The trailer also goes on to expose a new group which is named The Samaritans which has one main purpose which is to expose the church and show everyone as what they really are. While they will also play a significant role in the plot of the second season and as the story may proceed ahead. The release date of Warrior Nun Season 2 has also been announced and so the wait is finally over as it is scheduled to release on November 10, 2022, and though it will be available to stream on Netflix and it is yet to see how the new season may impress the viewers more than the previous first season of the show.

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