Wall-E 2 Happening? Release Date In 2022 Confirmed By Disney?

So many years have passed but we haven’t really heard anything about WALL-E 2. Won’t it be amazing to go to the robotic tale? There are many rumors out there, which say out so many things related to the movie. Many are in favor of getting the sequel movie and some on the other side are not interested in getting a sequel movie. Today, we will chalk out what are the possibilities of getting WALL-E 2.

Is WALL-E 2 Cancelled?

Well, till now we haven’t received any updates pr news related to the sequel of this particular blockbuster robotic tale. The last information about the movie came to us, saying that Pixar has officially canceled the making of WALL-E. It was definitely shocking and disturbing to all the fans. But what was said didn’t change even after years of waiting. Pixar’s decision not to make WALL-E 2 was really disappointing for the audience. WALL-E was a great movie. The animated feature film was centered around science, robotics, technology. You hardly see anyone saying, that they didn’t like the movie. The fans of the movie are still in love with it and are strongly urging to get more content on the list for WALL-E.

What About WALL-E 2: Revenge of the Auto?

A few years back we did hear something about the preparation of WALL-E 2: Revenge of the Auto. Initially, it was said then that there were plans to get a sequel film for the sci-fi movie. But Pixar’s studio called it off. The movie would have been a different take on the story of the first film. If it wouldn’t have got canceled, then next year would surely have marked the opening for WALL-E 2.

The 3D sequel movie even started off with the creation and production. But due to issues and grievances, the movie has been canceled once and for all. It has been more than ten years and we still have hardly heard anything about getting the sequel film online. Fans were highly hoping to get a sequel movie and thus we do think the film might get a place on audience demand. Wouldn’t it be great to see WALL-E 2: Revenge of the Auto on screen? But is it even possible?

If we check the whereabouts for this sequel film, then you would be surprised to know that part 2 of the movie was initially slated for next year on 17 June 2022. The plans for this film were drawn out last year. But at last, the tables turned and Pixar officially cut off the movie. Even if the movie gets launched, it will surely not get support from Pixar.

Till now, we haven’t received any huge or small official notes on the film. Thus we are assuming it to still be on hold. There is also a strong hope that the film might get into the production line again. But this will only occur if the audience takes over this matter on their hand and the internet gets stormed by the petition for the renewal of the sequel movie.

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