Virgin River Season 4 Release Date, production updates and Where to Watch

Based on the books by Robyn Carr, the Netflix drama- Virgin River has been quite popular among its audience. The show revolves around Mel Monroe, a nurse who moved to a small town unaware of the series of tragedies in her way. Virgin River Season 3 ended with a lot of suspense, thrill, and mind-boggling questions. This mixed and full of doubts experience from the last season has left fans excited for Virgin River Season 4, but some say they will not be watching the trailer. The show is ready to return with a bang on July 20, 2022. Deadline has shared the insights of the plot for Virgin River Season 4 and it surely appears explosive.

Virgin River Season 4

Reason Behind The Excitement For Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River Season 4 will revolve around Mel confronting a dilemma, some complicated matters, and some patchy and heartbroken relationships along with a violent criminal angle. Netflix has been dropping new stills from the season from time to time and is maintaining the buzz among the audience. The images are an indication of what is going to happen in the season. Virgin River has left the audience with many cliffhangers and it is absolutely difficult for fans to stop the craving as it is still over a month left for the season of the show to air on the Netflix platform.

Season three was full of ups and downs as Jack was shot while Brady was arrested and Mel interrupted Jack‘s marriage proposal by revealing the news of her pregnancy. If you talk about the plot, it may be a spoiler for many people who still have not watched the masterpiece show. It is one of the highly recommended Netflix dramas and right now is the most talked-about one also. The amazing cast and a great narration have helped Virgin River enter the hearts of its audience. So fans will now be getting the answer who shot Jack and what if Charmaine knows about Mel’s pregnancy, the past of Doc, and how Preacher gets out of a trouble situation.

The showrunner Tenney explained the reason behind the high level of enthusiasm among fans for the upcoming season. She mentioned the baggage of the past being carried by the leading character of the story. The love story they are having and sometimes not having is complex. There is still so much of truth hidden in torn patches of their previous life. The arrival of Mel in a new town has left her life on a never-ending bridge of troubles and once she overcomes her issues with Jack, she can finally get rid of the complexity.

Are fans Angry With Show And Will Not See Trailer?

The reason why some fans will not be watching its trailer is bizarre yet truth-bombing. It is something to be noted by the creators for future reference. The show has been the center of talk on Reddit where one user talked about how watching the trailer of the previous season has ruined his experience of the show. According to him, the trailer of the show was full of spoilers and was misleading in some way. Almost all of the plot of the season was exposed in the trailer and he regretted watching it. Some claim that they broke the “Not Watch Trailer” rule for Virgin River but it ended them with disappointment.

Just about a month before the official release of Virgin River Season 4, fans started showering love on their favorite characters from the show. They have been spamming the social media posts of the actors with flirty comments, some even declaring their celebrity crush! Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge have left their admirers spellbound with their recent looks. It will be very interesting to watch how these both profound actors will recreate the lost chemistry of their characters in the show. Eventually, the statement made by the fans about not watching the trailer was not in a negative way. They were optimistic about the plot and actually wanted to see Virgin River Season 4 without any pre-assumed story.

The ‘Surprise’ And ‘Disappointment’ Around Season 4

And much more, the maker Sue Tenney believes that there can be countless seasons to the story, perhaps that’s the reason behind the surprise! Yes, this upcoming season will have 12 episodes instead of the standard 10.
The Redditors and Twitter users have been highly active and some are even demanding to release the show before time. The intertwined story is set to release at 12 AM on 20 July 2022. This season is going to end the questions and join all the missing dots in the past seasons. The one thing that messes with the heads of audiences is the year-long gap between seasons. The fans have urged the makers to reduce this time gap.

Unfortunately, according to reports, there is going to be a larger time gap now between Virgin River Season 4 and season 5. This news broke after Breckenridge (Mel) revealed via express that they were about to start season five in March but it has been pushed. They are hoping to start it in the summer. So, Virgin River Season 4 is perhaps enjoyable and is going to stay trending on Netflix for many weeks to come. But fans may seem disappointed as they have to wait for more now for the season five and the latter part of the story to be unsealed.

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