Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date, Leaks and Latest Information

Ever since the first season of Vinland Saga was over, fans have been waiting for the second season of one of the best action anime. Now the wait is over! Vinland Saga Season 2 is on its way. Let’s read more details about the new season in this article. The second installment of the Vinland Saga is expected to release in July this year. There has been no official announcement regarding the release date till late 2021. However, it can be said that the series would premiere this year somewhere around July.

Anticipated Release Date for Vinland Saga Season 2

The first season of the Vinland Saga was released in 2019. Fans immediately liked the anime series. It got a good response from the audience. After the first season, everyone is desperate for the release of Vinland Saga Season 2. It is expected that the wait for the second season will be over in 2022. The first season had a total of 24 episodes. The first season premiered on July 7, 2019, and ended on December 29, 2019. After the completion of the first season, the second season of the Vinland Saga was announced. Now after this announcement trailer of the second season was also released but there is no official date announced for the release. 

Since there have been no official announcements regarding “Vinland Saga” Season 2, there’s no way to determine a solid release date. However, there have been hints pointing toward its production. In September 2020, series director Shuhei Yabuta posted a drawing on Twitter of three primaries of “Vinland Saga” characters. Runes are drawn below each character supposedly spelling out the words sea, son, and two, according to The Cinemaholic. The phonetics of these words would spell out “Season 2” when combined. However, Yabuta was quick to dismiss any premature theories, stating “there is no deeper meaning.”

Likewise, “Vinland Saga” animation director Abiru Takahiko posted in March 2021 that he has been distracted from work on “Attack on Titan” and “The Ancient Magus Bride” by another project. Many fans in the comments speculate that his “other work” is actually “Vinland Saga” Season 2. However, this is nothing more than speculation.

Vinland Saga is written by Makoto Yukimura. It is a shonen manga. The manga was published in a weekly shonen magazine. It consisted of a total of 25 volumes. The anime series was produced by Naokado Fujiwara, Yoko Ueda, Mitsuhiro Sugita. The direction of the anime series was done by Shuhei Yabuta. It is written by Hiroshi Seko and Kenta Ihara. The series premiered on NHK General TV and Amazon Prime Video. The cast of the series includes Yûto Uemura, Kenshô Ono, Akio Otsuka, Naoya Uchida, and Hiroki Yasumoto. It is expected the same cast members would be retained in the second installment of Vinland Saga. However, it is reported that Naoya Uchida and Hiroki Yasumoto have left the series. So they would not return in Vinland Saga Season 2.

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Expected Plot for Vinland Saga Season 2

The story of the Vinland Saga revolves around Thorfinn. He is the son of an ex-warrior who was murdered. Now his son would seek revenge. When Thorfinn was young he heard stories about old sailors. The sailors used to travel across the sea and reach Vinland. When Thorfinn was young his father told him that no one is his enemy and it is not right to hurt anyone. He was also told that Vinland is a place where there is no war and it is warm and fertile. As the story progresses we see that the tension between England and the Danes increases. Every day there are several deaths and this has become a common thing now. The Viking mercenaries are enjoying this moment. All this is creating a chaotic scene and now Thorfinn comes. Thorfinn wants revenge for his father’s murder. He wants to kill Askeladd. He is the person who murdered his father. The story is all about revenge. It was revealed by the production that the major part of the manga is already finished. So it is expected that the second season will be full of thrills. Fans are excited about the second season and also about Thorfinn’s revenge.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vinland Saga Season 2

Is there season 2 for Vinland Saga?

Yes. On 7th July of 2021/, the production house of the anime (Wit Studio) has confirmed officially that Vinland Saga Season 2 is happening. The News was also confirmed by the creator of the anime Shuhei Yabuta via his official Instagram handle.

Will Vinland Saga get a season 2 release date?

As per the recent news, Vinland Saga has got a tentative release date, the studio has announced that they are currently working on the anime and the tentative release date of the anime is somewhere in July of 2022.

Is Vinland Saga Cancelled?

The manga of the anime Vinland Saga was nearly canceled in the USA due to the low number of readers, But fortunately, a part of the loyal fanbase kept on reading as the creator of the manga Kodansha kept going on. AS a result, we can see the popularity of this anime in today’s world.

Where can I watch Vinland Saga season 2?

We know that fans are eager to watch Vinland Saga on online streaming platforms. Good news for them, like the first season of the anime, Vinland Saga Season 2 will also be released on the OTT platforms of Amazon Prime Video and Crunchyroll.

Who is Thorfinn based on?

Thorfinn Karlsefni (Old Norse Þórfinnr Karlsefni), explorer and trader (born c. 980–95 CE in Iceland; year of death unknown). Born Thorfinn Thordarson, this Icelandic aristocrat and wealthy merchant ship owner led one of the Norse expeditions to Vinland, located in what is now Atlantic Canada.

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