Vin Diesel Welcomes Brie Larson as new member in the Fast 10 family

Brie Larson has been on the hot topics after Vin Diesel announced that he has become the latest artiste to join the expansive cast of Fast and Furious 10Diesel welcomed the MCU’s Captain Marvel to onboard the project. Diesel posted a smiling picture of him alongside Brie. Also captioned the Instagram pic, noting that Larson would be playing a ‘ Timeless and Amazing’ character. The actor has apparently going to play the lead role alongside Diesel in the upcoming Fast & Furious 10.

The Fast and Furious 10, the last movie of the saga, is directed by Justin Lin and it would be set to release in 2023. Diesel called her a “subtle soul”, and welcomed the Larson. Stars such as Jason Momoa and Daniela Melchior will also be part of the main cast for the next project.


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On his Instagram on Sunday, April 10, Vin dropped a selfie with Larson, where the duo can be seen smiling heartily. In the caption, he wrote, “Yeah yeah yeah… you see that angel over my shoulder hurting me, you’re like ‘it’s Captain Marvel’. Obviously, there is love and laughter in this photo. However, what is not displayed is the character introduced in Fast & Furious 10. You don’t know how timeless and amazing she will be in our myths.”

He continued, “Beyond her beauty, her intellect … her Oscar, haha, this deep soul that adds something you might not expect, but longed for.” Welcome to the family. “please look. Fans said, “He said so! He’s FAMILY !!!”, “LETS GOOOO”, “Oh yeah, welcome to the Fast Family”. Scheduled to be released in May 2023, Vin will replay his role as Dom Toretto with Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang, and Charlize Theron (villain Cipher).

Interestingly, Larson was already interested in joining the franchise earlier this year.  Captain Marvel told UPROXX, “Of course, tell everyone that you want to appear in a Fast & Furious movie. I’m obsessed. I love them. I love them very much. I like it. They are so funny. ” She continued, “And they made me appreciate the car … I’m ready to play anything with the new character.” Whatever it is, I’m very down for the moment of crossover I’m down. I think you used something. That is my true love. So I would be very down. ” Larson is a longtime franchise newcomer to the actors Jason Momoa and Daniela Melchior. Fast & Furious 10 will be the first in a two-part franchise finale. The movie is currently scheduled to be screened in theaters on May 19, 2023.

Fast & Furious 10 is the latest entry in a franchise that has its roots in The Fast and the Furious, launched in 2001. The film starred Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster. Fast & Furious received mediocre reviews at the time of its release but was widely praised for its action sequence. The movie was followed by a 2003 sequel called 2 Fast 2 Furious. Fans are excited to know which character is Brie Larson playing in the Fast and Furious 10. Fans are expecting more in the upcoming movie with more action.


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