Vikings Season 7- Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

The television drama series ‘Vikings’ which is widely known for being one of the best historical dramas of the present time, has garnered a lot of fans, especially with its performances and portrayal of the best war scenes. The show revolves around Ragnar Lothbrok, his sons, and other heroes as he expands the Viking empire. Created by Michael Hirst, the show premiered on March 3, 2013, on the History Channel. If you are wondering about the future of the series and if you’re interested to know more about Vikings Season 7, here is everything we know about it.

In this article, we will not be focusing on the potential release date of Vikings Season 7. Rather we will be discussing the possible reason for the show’s cancellation.

Vikings Season 7

Is Vikings Season 7 Cancelled or Renewed?

‘Vikings’ season 6 part 2 aired on December 30, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. Season 6 Part 2 consists of 10 episodes with approximately 45 minutes of watch time for each episode. Here’s what we know about season 7. In January 2019, it was announced that the sixth installment of the show would be the final. The creator, Michael Hirst, was very clear about where he wanted to get the story of the series. What started out as an interest in the Vikings and their culture, kept Hirst busy for seven years. In an interview with Gamespot, he said, “Many times my days and nights for seven years were full of Vikings. You know, I used to write [until] 12 o’clock at night, going to Ireland every week. It is time to end this show.”

Vikings Season 7

Hirst went on to discuss what wrapping up the program stands for the characters and how it also took a toll on him. He became emotional, deeply, as most of his favorite characters in the show had to be killed. The first half of season 6 marks the death of Lagertha, one of the most powerful shield maidens in the world, who was accidentally killed by her adopted son, Hvitserk.

What Are the Reactions of the Fans About the Cancellation

It is also known that fans were very upset about the death of the legend and the base character of the show, Ragnar Lothbrok, in the fourth installment. This marked the beginning of a further decline in viewing. Nonetheless, Hirst has made it clear that finishing the show after season 6 was a matter of choice and not the result of a decrease in viewers.

This Isn’t The End for Vikings

All of these factors ensure that season 7 of the ‘Vikings’ is officially canceled. Yes… there’s no coming back. Even though the popular series is about to end, fans have something to look forward to as Hirst is not finished acquainting the world with Norse heroes. In 2019 it was announced that Michael Hirst and Jeb Stuart had joined a series of episodes called ‘The Vikings: Valhalla,’ set 100 years after the ‘Viking’ concluding events. The upcoming series will be airing on Netflix. In the meantime, you can watch the previous episodes of ‘Vikings’ where episodes up to season 6 part 1 are available on Hulu with the History Channel app or website.

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