Via Gonzales Cause of Death: A Viral Video Scandal and a Fake News Rumor

Via Gonzales is a social media influencer, model, dancer, and content creator from the Philippines. She was born in 1995 and has a degree from Seoul National University. She rose to fame after sharing her entertaining videos on social media, which attracted a large number of fans and followers.

In March 2020, a private video of Via Gonzales with her alleged ex-boyfriend Lance Centeno was leaked on social media. The video showed them engaging in intimate acts, and it went viral on Facebook. The video caused a lot of controversy and backlash for Via, who was accused of being immoral and indecent.

It was rumored that Via became depressed after the leak and might have committed suicide. A post on social media claimed that Via Gonzales killed herself because of the scandal, and that her death was captured on CCTV in Makati. The post included a photo of a woman lying on the ground, covered with blood.

However, the rumor was quickly debunked by Via herself, who posted on her Facebook account that she was still alive and well. She also expressed her intention to report the post and the video, and asked for help from her supporters. She apologized to her family and friends for the trouble she caused, and said that she made a mistake but she was not a bad person.

The photo that was used to spread the fake news was actually from a different incident, involving a woman who was stabbed by her husband in 2019. The woman survived the attack, and the photo was taken from a news report.

Via Gonzales is still active on social media, and has not let the scandal affect her career. She continues to post videos of herself dancing, singing, and having fun. She has also received a lot of love and support from her fans, who admire her resilience and positivity.

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