Valheim Patch Notes 0.153.2 Released On 12th May 2021, Here’s What’s New And What’s Fixed

Iron Gate has published a small patch to keep us going as we wait for the first big update to the co-op survival game Valheim.

This is part of the latest update, which involves a pleasant redesign of some of the game’s larger monsters, such as the Troll and the second and third bosses. The Troll, for example, is scarier because it has more fur, nails, and developed muscles. I can’t imagine meeting it for the first time now; the original iteration was terrifying enough when you first saw it.

The following are the patch notes:

  • When a long time has passed since you
  • last visited, the smelter problem has been resolved (10000 days)
  • Addition of a 30s pre-world-save alarm
  • Fix for the physics of stone stairwells
  • Fixing the focus on the inventory screen on the gamepad
  • Redesigning the appearance of large animals (troll, boss-2 & boss-3)
  • ragdoll material patch for trolls
  • The mechanisms of the Harpoon have been overhauled.
  • The engine has been revised (some stability improvements)
  • Visual fixes for Draugr archer (1 & 2-star draugrs sometimes got the wrong material)
  • Issues with crafting stations being lost while in operation have been resolved.
  • The spawning of creature groups has been changed to avoid exceeding the total limit (in some cases)
  • Credits have been updated.
  • Updates to the localization

Even months after release, it is still one of the most successful games on Steam, not only among indies but even among AAA titles. It’s incredibly impressive to see over 50,000 players every day, but the player number isn’t shocking given the game’s multi-million dollar sales.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the forthcoming Hearth and Home update, which will bring in a slew of new features. We’ll let you know when a date has been set.

A couple of modders have revamped the unfinished Valheim biomes, Ashlands and Deep North, adding new mobs, points of interest, and more. While the next official update has yet to be announced, this is one way to increase the amount of content available in the game.

Iron Gate Studios, the indie hit game’s producer, was taken aback by Valheim’s well-deserved success. Although attracting widespread attention from the gaming community is fantastic, the small team had to put off any changes in order to concentrate on improving the fundamental experience. Valheim’s Hearth & Fire update hasn’t been abandoned, according to a Steam Community article, and the studio is still working on it. The developers also revealed a few specifics about what to expect from the upcoming material, including a few new features and the first look at updated mob visuals. Unfortunately, there is no estimate for when the update will be out.

Although Valheim’s official content updates are still in the works, a couple of enterprising modders have decided to take the lead by finishing the game’s unfinished biomes (as reported by Eurogamer). The first mod, Forgotten Biomes, comes from Alree on NexusMods and implies that the developers left a few pieces of content behind.

The user’s efforts are aimed at improving Ashlands and Deep North by introducing mineable ores, landscape decorations, and various points of interest. Players will catch fire after downloading the mod by simply walking through the burning biome. Deep North has been given a more peaceful treatment, with restored random structures that can naturally create after being activated in the mod’s settings. It is recommended that you start a new game in order for everything to function properly.

The second mod, Monsternomicon by belasias on NexusMods, gives the barren Ashlands a bit of hostile existence. It introduces four new forms of mobs that are only found in the forgotten biome’s burned regions. The location also contains a hidden boss, the fire-breathing Drake, who looks identical to Minecraft’s Ender Dragon.
New creatures are likely to entice lapsed teams, not to mention include a new challenge for speedrunners. A determined explorer who spent less than 90 minutes killing Valheim’s five original bosses set the new record for beating the formidable enemies.


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