Twitter Wants To Help Users Get Tipped For Their Tweets Right From Their Profiles For Every Good Tweet They Make

Twitter began discovering features such as tips to provide people with a way to pay for their tweets to other Twitter users.” In the user profile, Twitter works on Tip Jar.

This function may not be released by Twitter officially however, users would probably have to use the feature with a certain amount of followers.

Please remember that Twitter revealed in February that they would be able to charge a creator for its exclusive content. The direct payment function of Clubhouse has already begun on 5 April.

The icons and text in black also appear in Super Following unlike the classic blue color of the app when taking a screenshot. Nevertheless, Super Follow itself has not yet been started. It may also occur at the same time that two features are rolled out.

The Twitter trial feature allows users to tip from their profiles

Twitter has revealed that it is developing premium services for which users can pay. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong has found new proof of how these features would look. Twitter tests people’s ability to type with a new user profile symbol.

There is a new button just next to the profile code in the user profile, according to screenshots shared with Wong. A dropdown menu with Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo payment options is shown on top of this icon.

All of these services enable you to send money. For its Clubhouse-like Spaces, Twitter is also working on this tip. Wong discovered it for the first time in March.

Twitter notes that it won’t be making any cuts to tips on the website for users. On Android, tips can also go into Spaces, the live audio chat feature of Twitter.

The company aims to facilitate “help each other beyond follows, re-tweets and likes,” according to a blog post on Twitter, as users “fuel the discussion on Twitter.” This is why they introduce Tip Jar.

“This is the first step in our work to build new ways that Twitter help can be provided and seen – with money,” the blog adds.

How to find Tip Jar on someone’s profile and send a tip 

The Jar tip is used to pick accounts. On somebody’s profile page you’ll see the Tip Jar icon next to the next button.

Tap the icon to see the list of payment services or channels allowed by the account.

Choose the preferred payment service or website.

Click on the link it will take the user to the app where they can pay their tip.

Twitter is the most widely used app in the world from all around the globe to type and share their thoughts, and if Twitter works to improve its monetization problems, more users will be attracted to Twitter and marketers will be encouraged to sell their goods both on the web and on this app.

The ongoing work of Twitter on new late features demonstrates that it is interested in developing and extending the site to users and providing more forms of monetizing content. CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey said that in 2023 Twitter intends to double over $7.5 billion in gross yearly revenues, with a minimum of $315 million.


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