Twisten Valorant Cause of Death: A Tragic Loss for the Esports Community

The esports world was shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener, a professional Valorant player who was part of Team Vitality, a French esports organization. Twisten was only 19 years old when he passed away on June 6, 2023. According to his teammates and friends, the cause of his death was suicide, following a long battle with depression.

Who Was Twisten?

Twisten was a talented and promising Valorant player who started his professional career in September 2020. He played for BIG, a German esports organization, before joining Team Vitality in November 2022. He competed in the 2023 VCT EMEA league and made his international debut at VCT LOCK//IN in Brazil.

Twisten was known for his skillful and aggressive playstyle, as well as his positive and friendly personality. He was well-liked and respected by his peers and fans, who admired his passion and dedication for the game. He also had a charitable side, as he donated $1,545 to Hunderettung Europa, a charity that focuses on changing the lives of rescue dogs and cats in Europe, based on the number of Shorty frags that took place in the VCT LOCK//IN tournament.

What Led to His Death?

Twisten’s death came as a shock to many, as he seemed to be doing well in his professional career and personal life. However, behind his cheerful facade, he was struggling with depression for over two years. He opened up about his mental health issues in a Twit Longer post in February 2023, after Team Vitality’s loss to Leviatán in the Red Bull Home Ground tournament.

He admitted that he took the loss too hard and felt emotionally overwhelmed. He said that he had been going through a “hard time” in his personal life and that he had been dealing with depression since he was 17. He also said that he had been seeing a therapist and taking medication, but that it was not enough to help him cope.

He ended his post with an optimistic note, saying that he would bounce back stronger and that he would play harder in the upcoming tournaments. He also urged his fans and followers to take care of themselves and to reach out to their friends if they were experiencing something similar.

Unfortunately, Twisten’s optimism did not last long, as he succumbed to his depression and took his own life on June 6, 2023. His teammates and friends confirmed his death on Twitter, expressing their grief and sorrow over losing him. They described him as a “brother”, a “friend”, and a “man with infinite potential”.

How Did the Esports Community React?

The esports community was devastated by the news of Twisten’s death, as many players, teams, organizations, casters, analysts, and fans paid tribute to him on social media. They shared their memories of him, praised his talent and personality, and offered their condolences to his family and friends.

Some of the prominent figures who mourned Twisten’s death include:

  • Team Vitality: The organization released an official statement on Twitter, saying that they were “heartbroken” by Twisten’s death and that they would stop all communications for the rest of the day. They also posted a picture of Twisten with the caption “Rest in Peace Karel”.
  • Gorilla: The assistant coach of Team Vitality’s Valorant roster tweeted that he woke up to the news of one of his closest friends taking his own life. He said that words could not describe the grief or emptiness he was feeling and that he loved him and always will.
  • BONECOLD: The captain of Team Vitality’s Valorant roster tweeted that Twisten was “the most genuine human” he had ever met and that he would miss him every day.
  • MOLSI: The teammate of Twisten tweeted that they had lost a “teammate, friend, and brother” and that he was heartbroken by the news.
  • Destrian: The teammate of Twisten tweeted that Twisten was “a man with infinite potential” and “the biggest heart” and that he still could not believe that this was real.
  • Riot Games: The developer of Valorant tweeted that they were saddened by Twisten’s passing and that they sent their love and support to his family, friends, teammates, and fans.
  • Red Bull Gaming: The sponsor of the Red Bull Home Ground tournament tweeted that they were deeply saddened by Twisten’s death and that they extended their sympathies to his loved ones.
  • BIG: The former team of Twisten tweeted that they were shocked and saddened by Twisten’s death and that they remembered him as a “talented player” and a “kind person”.
  • Leviatán: The team that defeated Team Vitality in the Red Bull Home Ground tournament tweeted that they were sorry to hear about Twisten’s death and that they respected him as a player and a person.

What Can We Learn from Twisten’s Death?

Twisten’s death is a tragic reminder of the importance of mental health and the need for more awareness and support for people who are suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Depression is a serious and common condition that affects millions of people around the world, regardless of their age, gender, race, or occupation. It can cause feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, anger, and worthlessness, as well as affect one’s physical health, relationships, and performance.

Depression can be treated with therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes, but it can also be prevented or managed with the help of friends, family, and community. People who are depressed often feel isolated and alone, and may not seek help or talk about their problems. Therefore, it is crucial to reach out to them, listen to them, support them, and encourage them to get professional help if needed.

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call, text, or message the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Dial or text 988, call 1-800-273-8255, or chat via their website. You are not alone, and there is hope and help available.

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