Travis Scott REPLACED by Billie Eilish at 2022 Coachella because of his Astroworld Concert TRAGEDY

I know you too are shocked by reading the above heading. But guess what? It is really true. Travis Scott has been replaced at 2022 Coachella! His place has been taken over by Billie Eilish. If you are wondering why he got replaced? Then hey, hold your thoughts, as we are here to help you out. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Travis Scott Is No More A Part Of Astroworld Concert! Know Everything About It

This year the Coachella has been handed over to Billie Eilish. She has taken over the spot of Travis Scott. Our sources confirmed, there was some petition given which demanded the removal of Travis Scott. The petition was launched last month, which said that the rapper should be brought down from the Astroworld concert after the last year’s tragic incidents in his same concert!

Last year’s Astroworld Concert reported some really tragic incidents. Some people lost their lives and the blame is directed towards Travis’s negligence! He has been accused of saying that human lives don’t matter for him at all. Thus he needs to be out from the concert arena for once and all.

Earlier, back in the year 2020, Astroworld Concert’s lineup was represented by Frank Ocean, Scott, and Rage Against the Machine. This line has now been changed. As per the inner sources, Ocean will make a comeback next year, for the 2023 festival. But the other two celebrity singers will not be a part of this year’s concert. Thus now everything has been handed over to Billie Eilish!

All Eyes Are Now On Billie Eilish!

Currently, all eyes are glued on the 20-year-old youth sensation, Billie Eilish! She is now under the spotlight. She will be the face of Coachella 2022. The concert is all set to take over the crowd from 15th April. It is divided up into two parts, thus everyone could enjoy the concert by following all the Covid-19 protocols.

This time the concert management department has been really keen on all the Covid-19 guidelines. They have ensured us of a safe concert environment. Not only that, but they will also make sure what happened in the previous year’s concert, will not get repeated in Coachella 2022.

Travis Scott Loses Major Collaborations After Several Death Counts In His Astroworld Concert!

The rapper’s stardom is coming down! Looks like his last year’s Astroworld concert has brought him some serious loss. You cannot forget about those tragic deaths which took place at his concert. This particular incident might cost the rapper his music career.

As per our reports, Travis Scott is no longer going to be a part of the Dior collaboration. Well, Travis Scott was supposed to release a partnership collab with the brand. The collab was between his own Cactus Jack creative house and the popular, French fashion brand, but guess what that is now been pushed back. This was set to take place this year in the summer season. But now the dates have been indefinitely shifted.

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