Transformers EarthSpark Release Date and Where to Watch

The Transformers franchise has been very popular among the audience and has a huge fanbase. The series comes under the Science-fiction, action, and comedy genres. The series is exclusively owned and disseminated by Hasbro and the franchise has been co-developed by Hasbro’s Entertainment One and Nickelodeon. The animation services for the series have been provided by ICON Creative Studio since the beginning of the franchise. In this article, we shall discuss the upcoming Transformers EarthSpark.

There have been many series in the franchise and each and every one of them turns out to be better than the previous one. Now, the Transformers franchise is going to get another series with the name Transformers EarthSpark. It is an upcoming animated TV series. The executive producers of this series are Nicole Dubuc and Ant Ward. The first season will be containing 26 episodes. The distributor of the series will be Entertainment One from Hasbro. At the starting of 2021, Hasbro announced two animated series based on the brand.

Transformers EarthSpark

The premise of the upcoming Paramount+ series

The series Transformers EarthSpark will be showing the scenario post the end of the civil war amidst the Autobots and the Deceptions. The Malto family moves from Philadelphia to a small town Witwicky in Pennsylvania. In Witwicky, young Robby and Mo Malto see the birth of a new species of Transformers called Terrans. The Terrans are adopted into the family and they form a bond with the two of them. They all work together for the purpose of protecting their new life and finding their space and place in the new world.

Voice Cast and Characters of the animated series

The cast of Transformers EarthSpark includes an amazing line of voice artists.

  • Sydney Mikayla as Robby Malto: A teenage 13-year-old boy who has been forced to move to a new small town and is adjusting to his new life there.
  • Zion Broadnax as Mo Malto: Robby’s 9-year-old sister who is an Optimist.
  • Kathreen Khavari as Twitch Malto: A Terran Transformer and the partner of Robby. She can transform into a flying drone.
  • Zeno Robinson as Thrash Malto: An Autobot who becomes the mentor of the Terrans. He could transform into a motorcycle.
  • Benni Latham as Dot Malto: Robby and Mo’s mom, a park ranger and ex-soldier.
  • Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime: The chief of the Autobots who could transform into a semi-truck.
  • Jon Jon Briones as Alex Malto: Robby and Mo’s dad, a college professor with a Ph.D. in Cybertorian History.
  • Rory McCann as Megatron: The Chief of the Deceptions. He could transform into a tiltrotor.
  • Cissy Jones as Elita-1: The second-in-command of Optimus Prime. She could transform into an all-terrain SUV.
  • Diedrich Bader as Mandroid: A roboticist and scientist who was formerly known as Dr. Meridian. He seeks to finish all the Cybertronians.
  • Danny Pudi as Bumblebee: An Autobot who eventually becomes the mentor of the Terrans. He has the ability to transform into a futuristic muscle car.

The voice cast of Transformers: EarthSpark is really amazing and will be playing the characters very well with their voice.

Release Date of Transformers EarthSpark

The much-awaited Transformers EarthSpark was announced for production in early 2021. It was untitled back then. But it has now got a title as well as the release time. On 24th March 2022, it was announced that the series would be debuting on the Paramount+ streaming platform in November 2022.

The series will also be streaming on Nickelodeon channels along with Paramount+. The cast of voice actors was revealed during an exclusive panel at the Comic-con International event.

Trailer of Transformers EarthSpark

A trailer has been released for the series by Paramount+ and a first-look clip was also released and shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

Official Synopsis of the animated series

The official synopsis of Transformers EarthSpark reads:

“The all-new animated series (26 episodes) introduces a new generation of Transformers robots- the first Transformers robots to be born on Earth- and together with the human family who welcomes them in and cares for them, they’ll redefine what it means to be a family.”

First Look at Transformers EarthSpark

The first clip of Transformers Earthspark shows the clip from the first episode of the series in which we witness the origin story. It shows how Earthborn Terrans Twitch and Thrash are brought into life. The official clip is available on the YouTube channel of TRANSFORMERS OFFICIAL.

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