Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date; Is It Worth Watching?


So, for those who watch anime on a regular basis, keeping them aside, for those who are thinking of starting to watch some interesting anime, tower of god will be a good option. Now… what is this tower of god actually? It’s originally a South-Korean manhwa series known as ‘Sin-ui Tap’ in Korean, ‘kami no tou’ in Japanese, and ‘tower of god’ in English. For those who haven’t read the manhwa yet, it’s an action and adventure-packed manhwa which aired its first season back in 2020 and got more or less popular amongst the otakus. It got a 7.59 rating in the global anime database myanimelist and a 7.8 rating on IMDb. Now we are expecting a Tower Of God Season 2. It was backed by Crunchyroll and was created by SUI. tower of god season 1 consisted of 13 episodes and was aired in a time period of 2 months.


in 2020 the first season was released in Korea, Japan, and the USA together offering Japanese dub, English dub version on Crunchyroll directed by Takashi Sano and Erica Yoshida. Though it’s not officially confirmed that a next season will come sooner, as we otakus know how this works it’s pretty much sure that there will be one, and besides the creators haven’t denied it either. Now as we all know the season 1 was focused on the first part of manhwa. So it is time for the creators to focus on the two remaining parts in the upcoming season(s).

Following its success, the production released its  Bluray DVD set this year. So knowing the Japanese anime industry if nothing unexpected happens out of blue we can say that Tower of God Season 2 is probably going to be released within winter 2022. But of course popular doesn’t mean continuous (you can get this vibe from Hunter x Hunter manga). So all we can do is bite the nails and wait for an official announcement.



the story starts to get condensed surrounding our MC, a boy known as the twenty-fifth Bam who has stayed inside a dark cave till now and is only able to see some light coming from a tiny crack which he cannot reach. He gets visited afterward by a childhood buddy he cares a lot about named Rachel. She lets him know about what’s actually going on outside of that cave and of course, leaves to climb the tower of god which makes our beloved MC sad.


The tower has a supernatural power to grant the deepest wish of the top ranker who gets to reach the top of it. Now, as the show is named the tower of god, and the mc is our Bam, he leaves his little cave and sets off for a journey to find his friend while climbing the tower just to find answers to the betrayal he was given by Rachel.

If the show actually keeps following the manhwa properly, we will be able to see new characters and many more plot twists that actually give goosebumps while reading the manhwa. Yuri would meet her sister Repellista. As Wangnan Ja is set on fire, he will be posed with challenges in the first test. New faces in the series would be Rapdevil, Prince, EhwaYeon.

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