Tommy Smith Cause of Death: How the Father of YouTuber Everleigh Rose Died of a Fentanyl Overdose

Tommy Smith, the father of YouTube star Everleigh Rose, died unexpectedly on September 9, 2022, at the age of 29. His death shocked and saddened his family, friends, and fans, who wondered what caused his sudden demise. Here is what we know about Tommy Smith’s cause of death and how his ex-girlfriend Savannah LaBrant and their daughter Everleigh are coping with the loss.

Who Was Tommy Smith?

Tommy Smith was a musician and a father who lived in Orange County, California. He met Savannah LaBrant when they were teenagers and they had a daughter, Everleigh Rose, when Savannah was 19. The couple broke up shortly after Everleigh’s birth, but they remained in contact and co-parented their daughter. Tommy was not very active on social media, but he occasionally appeared in Savannah and Everleigh’s TikTok videos, where he showed his love and affection for his daughter.

How Did Tommy Smith Die?

According to People, Tommy Smith died of an accidental overdose due to acute fentanyl intoxication. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and can cause respiratory depression and cardiac arrest if taken in high doses or mixed with other substances. According to a TikTok video by @daisyjanewood, Tommy and a friend he met at Alcoholics Anonymous accidentally ingested fentanyl, which led to their seizures and eventual death. The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner confirmed Tommy’s cause of death to People, but the case remains open.

How Did Savannah LaBrant and Everleigh Rose React to Tommy Smith’s Death?

Savannah LaBrant, who is now married to Cole LaBrant and has three more children with him, announced Tommy’s death on Instagram on September 14, 2022. She shared a photo of Tommy and Everleigh and wrote: “Our hearts are incredibly heavy as we process the loss of Everleigh’s dad, Tommy. He loved Everleigh immensely. Your prayers for Everleigh are so very appreciated.” She also posted a video on her YouTube channel with Cole, where they explained what happened to Tommy and how they are supporting Everleigh through this difficult time.

Everleigh Rose, who is a popular YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers on her family channel The LaBrant Fam, also expressed her grief over her father’s death on social media. She posted a tribute video on TikTok with the song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, where she showed some of her memories with Tommy. She also thanked her fans for their love and support in another video, where she said: “I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all the nice comments you guys have been sending me. It means a lot to me and it makes me feel better.”

How Can You Support Tommy Smith’s Family?

Tommy Smith’s family held a memorial service for him at a church in Saddleback, California. They asked that instead of sending flowers, supporters donate to CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital, a pediatric health care facility that provides care for children with complex medical conditions. They also invited people to plant a memorial tree in memory of Tommy, as a way of honoring his life and legacy.

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