Tom Hiddleston Reveals How Loki Season 2 Ties Into Doctor Strange 2 Ending

We are here to talk about the big update which has been turning around as Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness holds a number of surprises for the audience. The long-awaited sequel of Doctor Strange is finally going to hit the screens soon and the audience can’t wait for the title to release whereas they are already putting attention to the big details from the MCU authorities and what more is scheduled to be given on the glimpse of the movie. Now it is also rumored that Doctor Strange 2 might connect to the upcoming Loki Season 2.

There are a lot of debates and discussions currently taking place regarding the upcoming installment of the title and what big surprises will be held in the movie. Mentioning the part that the audience loved the idea of Multiverse which was portrayed in Spider-Man: No Way Home which was released back in December of 2021 and to mention that things were escalated to another level for the movement phase in the Marvel universe when all the three Spider-Mans were shown in the movie and which was possible with the spell the Doctor Strange held.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 2 Ending Might Be Leading To Loki Season 2

There have been some of the big rumors turning around at the time that Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness shall hold some big surprises over time such as the predictions stand from the fans that X-Men will be introduced in this universe and thus this could be another big one for the studios because the fans would love every part of it in the movie.

The other reports which are coming in from the fan theories are that Loki will have a cameo in the upcoming title as nothing has been confirmed from the authorities in this regard but the fans suspect that something big could actually lead from this point onwards.

Doctor Strange


Everything has been starting to make sense at the time considering the part that how the first season of Loki was ended and though there are a lot of connection dots from which the cameo could actually take place at the time. The main focus of attention from the fans which was grabbed away at the time was the course of events of Nexus which took place in WandaVision and the events kept running through the time of the first season of Loki.

There has also been word from the sources that Loki is confirmed to make a cameo and the creators have also been trying over their part to bring the character forward into the title to make the story in the continuation. It is yet to see how the movie will be playing its cards at the time as Loki will be featured in the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness or not and if he would be, then there is also word from the fans that Loki Season 2 would also be in the works at the time period and it was hinted by Tom Hiddleston on his social media Instagram account.

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