Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly DATING RUMOR is TROUBLING Paul Bettany

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly Started working for the latest movie Top Gun: Maverick and started to shoot for it in April this year and While Jennifer Connelly told in an Interview how she is close to tom and how he helped him to get over her fear of flying.

we will share all the details of the movie and how they are linked to being almost dating.

Let’s start with who is Jennifer Connelly and who is she married to

Jennifer Connelly is an American Actress who started her career in movies with her debut crime film Once Upon a Time in America (1984). she has been to play some great roles through her and is also an Oscar winner herself.

she and her husband Paul Bettany Both meet in 2001 when they were working for the movie and during that time they hit it off with each other and started dating each other and in 2003 the couple tied the knot.

Paul Bettany is famous for his role in the series WandaVision. He plays Vision in series and as well in Avengers movies. we also could be seeing him more in Marvel movies in the future.

So how did Tom Cruise help Jennifer Connelly to get out of her fear of flying?

you can catch the video here where she appeared live and virtually on Graham Norton Show and spilled all details about her and tom.

Or you can read it here.

Now coming to the part how During the shooting of Top Gun: Maverick shea was aware that she actually will have to go into an actual plane that Tom cruise would be flying itself and how TOm cruise Was cool about it and made her comfortable too about it.

she told me the biggest reason she signed for the movie was that she thought all scenes would be in the Land and seas but never imagined that they would be in the sky.

Now Comming Back to her husband Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany is Someone who has acted in the movie Avengers and series Wanda vision. But that is just not it some sources that are on the internet are making rounds he is troubled by his current relationship with Jennifer Bettany. While some fans have already linked her Wife and Wife to secretly dating somewhere.

But Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood who gets connected with every woman he has worked with and suddenly after a few weeks, there will be dating rumours of him.

But this time It could be real that he is dating Jennifer Connelly.

How Long they have been dating and why Paul Bettany is troubled

Well, it’s not the first that any actor has been worried for his wife and his wife working alongside Tom cruise they re mostly chances that when a woman works with tom cruise she is charmed by him and after a few years and in some cases just after a month of filming their they’re seeing having some time together in a beach or spending a holiday outside in some country or going to fancy dinner.

This could be one of the possible reasons That Paul Bettany is troubled.

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