Tinder Brings Phone Number Blocking Feature To Dodge Relatives And Friends Like A Pro

Tinder added a new tool to allow users on the dating website to restrict their personal contacts. The Block Contacts functionality helps users to access their family and coworkers.

If you have ever handled Tinder, you might just come across someone, whether or not he’s a close buddy of a close buddy, co-worker, classmate, cousin, etc. Usually, it can be a bit awkward because people who noticed them would probably have seen you too.

Tinder added a new tool in the form of blocking telephone numbers to address this discomfort. What it accomplishes is that when you wiper through the app and vice versa, Tinder will prevent people from appearing on your contact list. This means you will not show up when they wipe.

Tinder states, “Give the opportunity to view or be able to view these connections on an app, 78 percent of those polled would prefer. In that context, Tinder is implementing a new feature to enable members to ban personal contacts in the app and to enable them to confidently enjoy new connections while avoiding the unpleasantness of a familiar face that they prefer not to see.”

The new function enables users to truly enjoy their approach to create new links while avoiding the time of a familiar face that they want not to view according to the Dating app.

Nothing will surface as a prospective match whether these contacts will be on Tinder already or opt to download it later using the same contact details.

Members of Tinder’s block contacts functionality have been tested initially in India, Korea, and Japan and have added approximately a decade of contacts to their block list.

Tinder is the largest gaming-free app available in 190 countries and more than 40 languages worldwide. More than 430 million downloads have been done and over 60 billion matches have been made.

Tinder users can either download their contact list and select the contacts that they wish to block by following the methods indicated above:

  •  Tap the profile symbol and open Tinder.
  • Go to Configuration.
  •  Download Block Contacts and pick them.
  • Give your contact permission from Tinder.
  • Select persons from your contact list under the Contacts tab.
  • Tap Block Contacts. Another option is for users to manually add a contact. To do so, follow the first three steps as mentioned above but instead of granting Tinder permission to access your contacts, tap the + icon at the top of the screen.
  • Add the person’s contact you want to block from Tinder and tap “Done

Another nice thing is that if you’re still not joined on the online dating site, you can block a person depending on his/her contact. Well, it’s sure to save you from future surprises.

However, as Tinder wishes you, it’s not necessary for users to use this feature, some will certainly use it to betray their partners as well. In any case, Tinder will look forward to seeing your staff, family members, college professors, and others at the Dating Platform for your finest, and this new function will certainly prevent you from seeing them. This function is well thought of in most people’s perspective and thereafter users will enjoy dating online.

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