Thor Love and Thunder Initial Reactions are here; Is it better than Thor Ragnarok?

We are here to talk about the latest news which is being talked around as the early reactions of Thor: Love and Thunder have come in which gives a big glimpse that the upcoming movie is going to be big. Thor: Love and Thunder have stood out to be one of the most anticipated titles of MCU and mentioning the part that the new installment of the franchise is just around the corner on its release and the big hype has been building up on the title for a long time regarding the storyline and how big will the movie turn out to be.

The movie on the other hand is said to be holding some big surprises at the time such as Natalie Portman returning to the franchise to play the role of Jane Foster. Taika Waititi is the director of the movie and the one who also brought Thor: Ragnarok and thus once again some of the big expectations are kept ahead from the upcoming latest installment of the franchise. Taika also stated that it’s not only crazier but a lot of emotions are also put ahead on the upcoming installment of the movie and that could be said because of the appearance of Gorr, The God Butcher, and the role is played by Christian Bale.

Thor: Love and Thunder has been getting strong reviews from the critics

Also, the antagonist has a pretty tragic backstory from the comics and shall be unveiled in the upcoming latest installment of the movie whereas to mention that there is also the cancer story of Jane Foster and so it’s safe to say that things will get full of emotions when the movie will hit the screens.

The big question is being put forth by the audience as to whether the movie would live up to the big hype which has been running through for a long period of time. Thor: Love and Thunder had an early screening at the time and though the premiere of the movie also took place recently and thus the big reactions are coming in from the social media regarding Thor: Love and Thunder.

There have been reviews on the performances of Chris Hemsworth along with Natalie Portman and that they have given remarkable performances in the movie. The movie is also stated to be a remarkably hilarious one over the time and though Christian Bale has given a shining performance according to the early reviews which are coming in and though there has been word that Waititi delivers an emotional story with this one and Thor: Love and Thunder stand out as the fan-favorite of many.

Some of the other big reviews which have lined up stated how the movie stands out to be full of colours along with big Guns and Roses inspired battles which are also portrayed ahead of the movie and there has been word stating that there has been the discovery of Love in the unexpected places and the performance of Russell Crowe is also being applauded.


Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit the screens soon

There has also been word out that some of the major details have been appreciated in the movie along with the hilarious jokes which have been cracked often to make the audience stuck on their chairs and it’s safe to say that the creators of the movie did a great job in bringing out the best from Thor: Love and Thunder and the movie would also be giving big hints on the next Marvel movie which will be arriving next in the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to hit the screens worldwide on July 7, 2022, and the date of the release may vary depending on different geographical locations hence to mention that the movie is expected to live up to the big hype and now that it has already recieved a strong early reaction from the audience but it is yet to see what big mark will the new installment of the movie be making ahead now that it is already regarded as the most anticipated title of MCU at the time.

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