Thor leaves the Avengers to join the Ravagers in new Thor: Love and Thunder toy leaks

We are here to talk about the latest installment of Thor which is on its way as the fans can’t wait for the title to release along with its big surprises. MCU has been lining up some of the famous projects in the row ahead and the fans are excited to cover the part that they would be getting a lot from the studios whereas also mention the part that Thor: Love and Thunder stands out to be the most anticipated of MCU at this time.

Thor: Love and Thunder would be making its way onto the screens and the big hype is building up among the fans as to what big part it may have to offer now that it is the final installment of the franchise. The previous installments of Thor have turned out to be a big success at the time and though the audience has always applauded the story and to mention that Thor: Ragnarok stood out to be a big success and so once again the big expectations are being put forward from the upcoming installment of the franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder would be portraying a big change in the storyline

The fans can’t wait for the title to drop at the time and thus some of the big predictions are already being made over the story to what would be leading in time. The big fan discussions and debates are currently taking place regarding the storyline status and everyone is eager to cover more on the upcoming installment.

Moreover to mention that the recent ongoing discussion which was taking the internet by storm was that Christian Bale would be stepping into the installment in order to play the role of Gorr The God Butcher and though this would be another big thing for the studios as the personality would be making his debut into the Marvel.

The information was basically out when the official toys of the franchise gave a big glimpse of the character’s detail. More of the big discussions are being shed through at this time stating that Thor played by Chris Hemsworth shall be leaving the Avengers after a big story mark status and would be joining Ravagers in the upcoming latest installment of the movie which will be another big thing to cover for the fans as the fan-favorite superhero would be making a big drastic twist in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

The fans are going all excited after coming across the news but it is still not confirmed and everyone is still waiting for more big updates to drop at the time so more storylines could be predicted whereas mention that the trailer would basically give out big hints regarding the storyline and what is leading at the time and it is yet to see how the movie will make it to the screens and what big impact it would make at the time.

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