This Is How Jessica Simpson Celebrated Her Halloween With Husband And Her 3 Kids

Jessica Simpson is well known American singer, writer, and author. Since it’s the spooky season around this time of the year. The singer got dressed with her husband and their 3 kids, daughters Maxwell, 9, and Birdie, 2, and son Ace, 8.

The couple dressed up as holders from the movie Caddyshack,  and the kids came up with their version of the costume while  Maxwell dressed as Scarecrow, Ace dressed as a Zombie football player.

“Johnson #HALLOWEEN21 🎃,” Simpson captioned the black-and-white family photo.

while the choice of the costume her children decided she said that “she is happy that her children have their sense of fashion that what should they choose for themselves”.

The couples look for this Halloween

There are some amazing vintage pieces I am keeping for Maxwell and Birdie. I also have some special pieces of jewelry that will be theirs when the time is right,” Simpson added of saving some of her outfits for her girls. “Maxwell has already grown out of my shoe size, so sadly she never got to wear the Jimmy Choos. I didn’t expect that or I would have turned my storage into her closet!”

Simpson told back in March how this pandemic has helped her to grow even more from what she currently was and being a mom is not an easy job, while her children are doing Online school on zoom and she is also taking care of their housework and everything but she is getting more time to spend with her family.

She also told that she had to multitask and look for things on her own and figure out what to do in certain situations and that made her more aware of children’s needs and that is the case she had to do all the while keeping a smile on family face which she truly treasures.

“I have also learned just about every project with tie-dye and slime [and] every sport you can play in a backyard, and I have memorized what every single cul-de-sac in my neighborhood looks like,” Simpson joked.

Another lesson she has learned over the last year? “Kids are way more resilient than we give them credit for,” the Open Book author said. “In many ways, they were the peaceful force that made life precious in this trying time,” she added.

That Being said looks like the singer have been having a good time with her family and she is just right now not on the schedule right now and more focused on children and their well being and that whenever there is something new is happening she will definitely drop a hint in the upcoming time.

The last we saw the singer was in her music video that was released in the January of 2021.

Right now she is celebrating her 4 years of sobriety and how that has changed her life in the last 4 years and how each and every day is getting better and better for her. She also shared her pic on the social platforms how much she has changed since back then.


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