The Witcher Monster Slayer Augmented Reality Game Is It’s Take On Pokémon Go And Available On Android

While we’ve heard minimal about the title, it went into early access at some point after April. All things considered, starting today, the game is at long last accessible on the Play Store for pre-enlistment in anticipation of its recently reported delivery date, July 21st. Believe it or not, The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be authoritatively delivered in the not-so-distant future, which means fans won’t have any longer to stand by.

You can watch the new delivery date declaration trailer above. It’s short and doesn’t show any interactivity, which is odd since you’d figure the engineer would need individuals to know what they are pre-enlisting for. Not the best search for a game that is destined to be delivered, that is without a doubt, however, there is an intensely altered video on The Witcher: Monster Slayer YouTube channel that shows some interactivity, yet just fast clasps of fights, nothing else.

Fortunately, the new Play Store posting offers a couple of screen captures, and as should be obvious, the game seems as though a Pokémon GO clone, where you’ll investigate a true guide looking for beasts. While I can’t say this is a subject I would have at any point anticipated from The Witcher, shallow money snatches are the standard on the Play Store, so it’s seldom amazing to see studios utilizing famous properties to trade out while replicating the mechanics of effective gambling clubs titles like Pokémon GO.

Obviously, CD Projekt Red’s auxiliary Spokko, the designer of this title, still can’t seem to discuss how it will adapt the game outside of the reality it will be allowed to play. In-application buys are recorded on the new Play Store posting, however, there are no posts yet. So on the off chance that you’d prefer to investigate The Witcher: Monster Slayer at whatever point the game grounds in the not so distant future, just to see with your own eyes how it piles up, you can pre-register through the gadget beneath to get a delivery reporting the day it shows up.

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