The Wilds Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Where to Watch

‘The Wilds’ is undoubtedly one of the most famous shows available on the Amazon Prime Video platform with an IMDb rating of 7.2 out of 10 and 87% rotten tomatoes. The drama has a uniquely creepy plot of a social experiment. in this article, we shall discuss The Wilds Season 3.

With the recent release of season two, the show is turning out to be a blockbuster attracting millions of viewers worldwide, and making them turn their screens to the show. Writers Sarah Streicher, Jai Tiggett, Danielle Paige, Shalisha Francis, and Melissa Blake have carefully created each and every character and have defined specific roles for them to play. The show also grabbed a nomination for the ‘GLAAD Media Award for outstanding drama series.

Reasons Why ‘The Wilds’ is a Must Watch!

The fabulous drama show is all about a wicked human mind who plays experiments on real people by trapping them on an island and letting them suffer, get tortured, or die. The group of teenagers didn’t actually know they were part of a social experiment when they ended up on a deserted island after a plane crash. Season one was all about the experience of a group of girls while season two reflected the fate of a group of boys surviving the island.

The Wilds Season 3

Release Date of The Wilds Season 3 – Official Announcement

‘The Wilds: Season 2’ has surpassed the popularity of its season one and has left fans to create their own plot theories and post them all over the social media platforms. While people are waiting for any news about season three, writers on the other side must be thinking of how to expand the story after big revelations in season two. It is June 2022 now but no confirmation has been made by Amazon prime video about The Wilds Season 3.

But the audience and critics know the massive breakout of revelations was just the beginning of the amazing story ahead. Mia Healey, the Shelby of The Wilds said in an interview with Cinema Blend that season three really excites her but it is a different ball game now. Does this mean they are going to enter lock rooms or bunkers?

If it is not an island anymore, then what is it? This has made the fans wonder how big the season three will be. Even Erana James, the Toni of the series thinks the writers must be coping with a massive task. Obviously, season two is a big success, so they need to surpass what they have already created.

The actors in the series have been thinking that it is going to be a different vibe with The Wilds Season 3. Fans have summarised that even the FBI is not acting unbiased towards Dr. Gretchen and she must be having some high-level contact even above the FBI.

It has just been over a month since the season two debut date, estimating the gap between season one (December 11, 2020) and season 2 (May 6, 2022), fans may have to wait for around 1.5 years at least. Everyone is waiting for updates or leaks from the shoot locations and here we are keeping our eyes on everything to bring you every detail first.

The Wilds Season 3 Cast Update

Definitely, there will be the introduction of new characters but every character, that made it to the end of Season 2, will be there. Shelby (Mia Healey), Dot (Shannon Berry), Martha (Jenna Clause), Rachel (Reign Edwards), Fatin (Sophia Ali), Toni (Erana James), and the mastermind Leah (Sarah Pidgeon).

As for the boys’ group, Josh (Nicholas Coombe), Charles Alexander, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Zack Calderon, Aidan Laprete, Tanner Ray Rook, and Reed Shannon will be seen again in The Wilds Season 3. Speculations for Nora (Helena Howard) are still blurred.

Season 2- Recap & Synopsis

In the season 2 finale, the Dawn of Eve’s and Twilight of Adam’s participants come together. Fans thought Dr. Gretchen Klein’s manipulative social experiment is finally over as Leah managed to tip off the FBI about Gretchen’s evil intentions, the show goes on! The participants soon found themselves trapped on another mysterious island-The Phase Three.

They will now be monitored 24×7 by surveillance throughout the island along with some informants amongst them. Leah comes out to be the big gamer here working with Agent Dean, who gave back her phone. She called her friend, Ian, and leads her to Gretchen‘s son, Devon. Devon informs the FBI about Gretchen‘s experiments. Meanwhile, Leah has been planning an escape plan and plays an act of torture in front of other participants.

Tables turn when Gretchen takes her son back to her side. Strange, right? He is the same son who played a fake death to escape his mother. The participants later realize they are to be transported to another island. The story finally unleashes the actual faces of the characters and their reason for not going back to their homes.

The reason fans have been waiting for The Wilds Season 3 is to know which character will actually be able to come out of this loop and get their mind back to normal. We may be getting answers to what will happen to Gretchen and who finally ends up on the good side.

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