The War Next Door Season 2 Release Date and Where to Watch; Is it Renewed?

The War Next Door is a Mexican comedy, and drama series that deals with two neighboring families coming from totally different backgrounds, cultures, and creeds. The series shows the difficulty of people of different thoughts and opinions in living in the same neighborhood. Their difference leads to arguments that originate in unexpected circumstances. This series was originally aired in the Spanish language as Guerra de vecinos. In this article, we shall discuss The War Next Door Season 2.

The series may be counted into the category of a perfect family drama-comedy because it shows the daily life and reality of people finding issues because of other people opposing their opinions and deeds. And those arguments and petty wars have been shown in a comical way in this series.

The show’s two lead characters are Leonor Saccade and Silvia Espinoza. Their roles are played by Vanessa Bache and Ana Layevska, respectively. This series is created and written by Carmen Castro, Moses Dayan Schneider, and Pablo Ortiz.

The War Next Door Season 2

What is The War Next Door about?

Leonor is not a rich woman in money but is very rich at heart. In an incident, she walks away with some raffle tickets to a house. The twist comes when she unexpectedly wins and her life and her family’s life turn upside down.

Leonor after moving crosses paths with her next-door neighbor Silvia, who is a wealthy woman but does not have a pure and good heart. Then Leonor discovers that she had an altercation in the tickets with some lady and that lady, who is Silvia, is the real owner of the tickets and is, therefore, the winner. But Silvia thinks that Leonor has stolen the tickets for a double-booked party and this leads to a misunderstood war between them.

The War Next Door Season 2 is renewed in 2022. Its first season premiered on 7th July 2021 globally on Netflix. The series filled with comedy has two households which consist of two matriarchs of different cultures and backgrounds with the rest of the family who learns to live together despite regular arguments between both the families.

The War Next Door Season 2 release date

Fans are expecting The War Next Door Season 2 any time now. Since the first season came on Netflix in July 2021, we are assuming that the second season is also set for somewhere around the Summer of 2022. But we are yet to wait for an official announcement for the series renewal. The first season had 8 episodes of around 30 minutes.

The potential Plot of The War Next Door

In the first season, we witnessed Silvia tries to force Leonor for selling her house. Leonor’s family had a time limit to live in the house and she could no longer live in the house also, Silvia wants them to move out. Irritated by the women, Ernesto and Genaro decide to close their doors to Silvia and Leonor and start living together and suggest the women live together away from their house in Silvia’s house.

Silvia’s house is very dirty and full of sewage. In season 2, we may see the changing situation between the two women. Although they hate each other, their condition compels them to live together and learn to live together without fighting Also, as the López and the Espinoza are forced to live together, the situation will be becoming even more dramatic.

Is there any Trailer for The War Next Door Season 2 yet?

Any trailer or teaser has not been released yet regarding the series. But the fans are really enthusiastic about the next season. Despite there aren’t many suppositions and mysteries till the end of the show, there aren’t many queries to be answered in The War Next Door Season 2. But the fans are waiting for the comedy and drama which are definitely coming with the second season.

The War Next Door season 1 is available on Netflix worldwide. It comes from the same producers of the series Daughter From Another Mother. The War Next Door stayed at the top of the Mexican charts for one month after its release. This is the reason fans are so excited for The War Next Door Season 2. The confirmation for season 2 was given by Netlix’s Latin America Instagram account. They shared a video recorded from an iPhone alongside the renewal in which the family is seen texting back and forth about the upcoming episodes.

No production or release dates as such were announced but it is confirmed that a new season is definitely arriving soon.

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