The Veil Episode 9; Release Date Of The Korean Show Confirmed?

The Veil is a South Korean spy, action, thriller TV show about a top field agent, Han Jihyeok, in the National Intelligence Services (NIS). A lot happens when Han Jihyeok loses his memories and goes missing due to something that happens which leads to someone close to him taking advantage of this and betraying him. On returning, he finds out about this and realizes the dark reality of the government and what really goes on behind closed doors, and decides to go up against them alone. The title alludes to the fact that the government has kept the public in the dark and they have ‘a veil’ over their eyes.


Namkoong Min as Han Ji-hyuk, the best field agent in the NIS

Park Ha-sun as Seo Soo-Yeon, head of the Criminal Information Integration Center

Kim Ji-eun as Yoo Je-yi, Ji-hyuk’s partner

Jang Young-Nam as Do Jin-sook

Kim Jong-tae as Kang Pil-ho

Kim Do-hyun as Ha Dong-gyun

Park Jin-woo as Cha Min-chul

Kwon So-Hyun as Goo Hyo-Eun

Lee Geung-young as Lee In-hwan

Kim Min-sang as Jung Yong-tae

Kim Byung-ki as Bang Young-chan

Yu Oh-seong as Baek Mo-sa

Hyun Bong-sik as Cheon Myung-gi

Jung Ji-yoon as Kim Yeo-jin

Hwang Hee as Oh Kyung-seok

Jo Bok-rae as Kim Dong-wook

Ok Ja-Yeon as Lin Wei

Jung Moon-sung as Jang Chun-woo

Kim Eun-woo as Pyo Jae-Gyu

Joo Jong-hyuk as Chang-gyu

Ahn Ji-ho as Choi Sang-gyun

The Veil is created by Hong Seok-woo and written by Park Seok-ho. It is directed by Kim Sung-Yong and Kim Ji-ha. It is produced by Kim Myung (CP), Yoo Hong-Ku, Kelly SH, Song Eun-do, and Kim Je-bok.


The Veil premiered on September 17th, 2021 on MBC TV. There are going to be 12 episodes in all, each being approximately 60 minutes long. The last episode will air on 23rd October 2021.

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The 8th episode of The Veil came out on 9 October 2021 at 10 pm Korean Standard Time (KST). The show is now finally coming to a close.

In episode 8, Je Yi is suspecting Baek Mo Sa is her father. Deputy Commissioner Do is forced to resign due to failure resulting in the election of a new Deputy Commissioner for Foreign Intelligence Bureau, Kang Pil Ho. Meanwhile, Ji Hyuk and Je Yi’s stunt gets them into major trouble.

However, they do manage to find out what the real connection to the Planet is. Je Hyuk also finds the number of someone named Young Ju who is a Planet employee while Je Yi goes to Do-Jin Sook to find the truth behind her father’s disappearance.


The Veil Episode 9 will finally reveal the secret of Je Yi’s father. It will air on 15th October 2021 at 10 pm KST on the MBC TV channel. It will be the culmination of a lot of things, many answers will be revealed. The last few episodes are bound to be intense!


We did get a sneak peek into episode 9 though, check it out here-



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