The Punisher Season 3 Renewal hinted by Daredevil and Luke Cage star Rosario Dawson

Get ready to witness another exciting season of The Punisher! Yes, you heard it right, the third season of the show is confirmed now! The blockbuster action-packed series is ready to return to Disney+. All eyes are currently stuck on the very gorgeous and talented actress, Rosario Dawson. The moment Marvel fans have been waiting for is here. It is finally happening! Get ready to explore the story of The Punisher season 3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is again opening up for street-level Marvel heroes. It couldn’t get any better than this. Your beloved Marvel star, Rosario Dawson was recently captured in an exclusive interview. Looks like the star is ready to update us about The Punisher season 3. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here. 

The Punisher Season 3

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The Punisher Season 3 Is Happening! What Is The Actual Truth? 

This is not a rumor! The news has a strong chance to be true. Recently, Dawson was captured during a panel discussion at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)! She clearly directed us towards The Punisher season 3. However, she later withdrew her statement, saying that she was misled by some fans and was not to be taken as an official statement. But, the rumors of The Punisher Season 3 happening in the near future are not shut down due to this. Rosario Dawson is renowned in the Marvel Universe as Claire Temple. We have already seen her in a bunch of Marvel series which have previously premiered on Netflix. Her exceptional performance in the Marvel Universe is highly acclaimed by the fans out there. 

If you still can’t remember her face, then you should surely rewatch the episodes of Daredevil and Luke Cage. Moreover, we have also seen her extraordinary performance in the highly popular Netflix series, The Defenders. She is also known as the Night Nurse of the  Marvel Universe. We have already received some updates on Daredevil! This is surely a positive sign for all the lost Netflix Marvel series out there. Just like Daredevil, The Punisher is also returning to Marvel Studios.

Is The Marvel Series Getting Renewed? Are The Rumours True? 

Yes, you read the subheading right, Dawson sounds really confident when she talks about The Punisher season 3. But can we believe her words? Has Marvel confirmed her statements? Back when the series first premiered on Netflix, the audience was really amazed by the story of the antihero! From anger to an intense battle, The Punisher is surely recognized as one of the best Marvel series out there. The credit for the success of the series was majorly given to Jon Bernthal. Rosario has done a bunch of action-packed Marvel series, but she was surely missing from The Punisher. We would surely love to see her face again in the Marvel Universe. 

As per our inner sources, Rosario expressed her desire to be a part of The Punisher season 3. She badly wants the series to get renewed. Looks like she is highly interested to be an integral part of The Punisher season 3. According to her statements, she has not officially spoken about the renewal of the show but she surely hinted toward The Punisher season 3. Many sources have jumbled up her comments! Thus, as per the rumours out there, the show has been officially renewed by Marvel Studios. Don’t believe the rumours out there. 

Season 3 Might Release On Disney Plus! Has Disney Announced About It? 

If we go by Rosario Dawson’s statement, then the series will surely roll out on Disney Plus. As of now both Disney Plus and Marvel Studios are absolutely quiet on the most awaited Marvel project, The Punisher. The Marvel series had developed a huge fan base out there. Marvel’s sudden clash with Netflix surely affected the fans a lot. For years, we have been waiting for The Punisher season 3. Finally, after a prolonged wait, Rosario Dawson gave us some hopes about the renewal of the show. But till now, we cannot trust her statements. 

We have to wait for the official announcement. Either Marvel Studios or Disney Plus must show a green signal to The Punisher season 3. The Marvel project will most probably release on Disney Plus. The series will surely roll out after Marvel’s upcoming project, Daredevil. A lot is set to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all from our end, to get the latest updates on exciting Marvel movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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